Polishing machines test: polish properly

Polishing machines in the test: really nice shiny polishing without manual workAll manufacturers of polishing machines for the automotive industry promise that.

But which machine really keeps your promise? What does one do? good polishing machine and how much and must may it cost? We will do the test for you - with a hopefully brilliant result.

Polishing machines: worth knowing

Polishing machines are often offered at a DIY counter for around 20 euros - so you can achieve good polishing results? Not really. Because a good polishing machine is one finely tuned precision toolin which it is on a harmonic tuning of the components arrives.

So are Speed ​​and engine power not everything; Above all, the must "Disengage tendency" of the polishing machine effectively contained Due to the high torque and the resistance of the polishing pad, the polishing machine "turns" automatically away from the sheet surface, for the working comfort is decisive, how much force you have to spend to prevent this.

The processing quality and the grip ergonomics are important points Handles well in the handthey are sensible and ergonomically mounted and makes the machine perform well? rest Switches and handles clean, let the Simply change the polishing plate and the machine is running long operation hot? Many questions, we have a few answers and a recommendation.

Test table and test candidates

Festool SHINEX RAP 150 EBerlan BPM1200DEMA polishing machineEinhell BT-PO 1100EMakita 9227 CB
power1,200 W1,200 W1,600 W1,100 W1,200 W
mass2.1 kg4.5 kg3.5 kg4.4 kg3.0 kg
Revolutions / minute400-2100600-30001000-28001000-3000600-3000
Polishing plate max. O150 mm180 mm180 mm180 mm180 mm
spindle threadM14M14M14M 14M 14
PRICE (rounded)456 €34 €67 €51 €248 €

Polishing machine Festool RAP 150 FE: Polishing from outer space?

Not so cheap, but in the nice Captain Kirk design: With more than 450 euros of the Festool RAP 150 FE clearly the highest price tag in our comparison test.

The customer receives one for this qualitatively very high quality, lightweight machine with exemplary operation and very good workmanship. But this is all, as I said, not very cheap.

The polishing performance is appropriate for the price: Fast and powerful the machine turns on the dull paint without getting hot or to be too stubborn.

The polishing fleece hold well, are easy to change and high quality. The only shortcomings of the machine: the Polishing plate is 150 mm not particularly big, the speed of 2100 rpm not exaggerated fast. The result, however, counts: Exemplary!

Professional device with professional price - but not the measure of all things

Festool RAP 150 FE - Pro and Contra

Polishing machines test: polish properly: properly


  • strongly
  • light
  • very well made


  • expensive
  • small pulley diameter
  • lowest speed in the test

Polishing machine Berlan BPM 1200: Cheaper to make up?

First of all: for the price ofBerlan BPM 1200 you get at the competition not even a polishing plate.

Are just under 34 euros really enough to build a useful polishing machine? The answer is no. The device is heavy enough, still clumsy on the paint back and forth and will be at the Engine / gearbox pretty hot.

Also the The volume of the device is considerablethat work handles not very high quality processedThe switches make a long life appear doubtful. Polished plates are not included, these must be purchased elsewhere. Maybe this is better in view of the other quality impression of the machine.

Conclusion: Perhaps suitable for a single use - then you can only hope.

Berlan BPM 1200: Pros and Cons

Polishing machines test: polish properly: polish


  • the price (?)


  • heavy
  • not high quality workmanship
  • unwieldy
  • no accessories

Polishing machine from DEMA: Nameless average

This Device saves on a good deal, even on a model designationg: The polishing machine of DEMA, Be supplied but a shapely suitcase and a polishing plate together with "Echtfell-" disc, for about 67 € so you get everything except the polish to bring the car to shine.

In addition, the device has a, unfortunately largely meaningless, digital display for reading the current speed.

But since this is only one of the deciding factors for the polishing result, the criticism of the rest of the device remains Engine is undoubtedly powerful, the machine is not overly heavy with 3.5 kg. Nevertheless, it tends, like many devices in its price range, to Breaking out on the paint surface and have to held firmly which is very tiring.

Also the Build quality of case and switches is not outstanding, Nevertheless, the polishing result, measured by the price of the machine, is not that bad.

Conclusion: Noisy, cheap, all right. But not more.

EMA Polisher Pro and Contra

Polishing machines test: polish properly: machines


  • Cheap
  • Polishing performance for the price in order
  • with accessories and suitcase


  • unclear origin
  • not very clean workmanship
  • breaks out, high effort

Polishing machine Einhell BT-PO 1100 E: Not easy, but enough

Surely that isEinhell BT-PO 1100E with 4.4 kg is not a lightweight, yet it deserves special attention in the context of this test: As the only polishing machine under 100 euros leaves it not too ambiguous impression. The Einhell machine is simple, but effective.

She polishes with high speed and powerful development; The disadvantage, however, is that the engine at longer Duration of use to high heat development inclines. But the machine breaks down less powerful than its competitors.

Whether the machine will therefore be granted a long life, you can not conclusive here to be able to; However, the obvious high friction heat does not give much hope.

But as long as the machine holds, it is hers think about other cheap competitors and is distributed by a German dealer with warranty. Who does not polish daily or weekly, comes out with the Einhell.

Conclusion: enough. The opportunity copier does not need much more.

Einhell BT-PO 1100E: Pros and Cons

Polishing machines test: polish properly: test


  • compact
  • powerful
  • very good price


  • no soft start
  • fumbling switch

Makita polishing machine 9227 CB: The scale

Makita machines enjoy an excellent reputation in professional circles and, as the Makita 9227 CB polishing machine shows, they get along perfectly. The Polishing is easy, smooth and the machine barely moves on the surface to be polished.

The Engine is powerful, the Operating noise pleasingly quiet and the weight of the machine with 3.0 kg quite low. Switch and housing are processed high quality, the polishing plate meets the standard, so far, so good.

Special attention, however, really deserves the polishing result: still settled on the much more expensive Festool the makita is polished to first place, Flawless. Anyone who polishes several cars a year and does not consider this task a strength sport should, given the necessary change, warm up to the makita.

Makita 9227 CB: Pros and Cons

Polishing machines test: polish properly: properly


  • light
  • powerful
  • excellent polishing result
  • very well made


  • -

Purchase recommendation: Polishing machine Makita 9227 CB

Polishing machines test: polish properly: test

Who polishes often, they will love: The Makita 9227 CB is an absolutely mature device that more than meets professional demands and performs excellently in all respects. The result is the best in the test, also in terms of workmanship and spare parts safety. Also, the Festool SHINEX RAP 150 E is not bad, unfortunately, her polishing plate is a bit narrow, but it is very light - but not cheap. Professional demands in any case meet both devices.

Value for money: Einhell BT-PO 1100E

Polishing machines test: polish properly: test

Blue, cheap, good: The occasional polisher will certainly be pleased with the Einhell BT-PO 1100E. The device polishes decent, of course, a little effort is required. The processing, volume and also the heat development are of course not upper class standard, nevertheless: Who polishes his car once or twice a year, will enjoy the Einhell polishing machine.

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