Polyester resin is toxic during processing

The fumes and vapors of polyester resin in the liquid state are toxic. The toxic effect develops through the commonly used additives peroxide or styrene. Unlike the almost odorless acrylic resin, the intense odor ensures the detection of toxic fumes.

Protect breathing air and skin

The poisonous effect of the exiting vapors should not be inhaled, as they may cause organic damage and vegetative disturbances in the human body. A respirator with activated charcoal filter filters the volatile toxins from the breathing air. In the open air, it is also possible to work without respiratory protection when observing the appropriate wind direction.

Skin contact should generally be avoided because of a latent allergenic tendency to health problems. In the development of grinding dust by mechanical processing should also be worn a respiratory protection. Here is enough a conventional particle mask.

Dried and cured polyester resin is non-toxic. If he were theoretically swallowed, only an indigestible foreign body in the organism would cause mechanical damage.

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