Clean polypropylene carpet without problems

Carpet and carpet production uses four synthetic fiber types. In addition to polypropylene, this is polyacrylic, polyester and viscose. Polypropylene is especially prized for its low material density and high liquid drainage. A carpet can be machine washed and a carpet is shampooed.

Resistant synthetic

Polypropylene (PP), a durable synthetic fiber, is a commonly used material in the manufacture of small carpets and carpeting. As a rule, the products consist entirely of PP. Shampooing is possible without any problems, as with all other goods. When washing in the washing machine, the synthetic fiber can withstand up to forty degrees Celsius.

As a conventional maintenance cleaning occasional suction ranges depending on the intensity of use. For acute contamination by liquids, all known and common cleaning methods can be used. The cleaning of a carpet can be done with the following procedures:

  • Soak with lukewarm water and brush out
  • Rub in with gall, liquid or soft soap and brush
  • Carbonated mineral water and wipe off after the end of the "biting"
  • Spray on shaving cream and vacuum after exposure
  • For stubborn stains such as coffee, tea or red wine, spread the salt on the fresh spot. For old, dried-up spots, warmed moist salt helps


To shampoo the PP carpet, there are three types of shampoo:

1. wet shampoo

The most classic way of shampooing carpets. The detergent, which has been mixed in a shampooer, is applied to the carpet made of PP in accordance with the operating instructions. The special shampoo must not be alkaline and must not contain ammonia. After exposure overnight, the dried shampoo is aspirated.

2. absorption powder

Dry absorption powder is spread on the PP carpet and must be applied for several minutes according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is then sucked in, leaving residues in the carpet fibers unless it is a rug used by infants or pets.

3. Foam shampoo

Foam shampoos are finished products from the spray can, which are also available as upholstery cleaners. They allow the quickest and most uncomplicated cleaning of the PP carpet, but are significantly more expensive than the other methods.

Tips & Tricks

Note that cleaned PP rugs, like all artificial fiber floor coverings, tend to be re-soiled after cleaning. Slight rubbing with diluted vinegar water delays this effect.

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