Styrodur is a plastic at low cost

Styrodur is also popular because of its cheap procurement. The mass production of rigid foam panels leads to insulation costs that no other insulation material provides. Polystyrene plates from BASF vary in price due to their strength. Suppliers and retailers such as hardware stores and building material stores operate within a narrow range.

Five product versions

The manufacturer BASF offers insulation boards in five design variants: 2800 C, 3000 CS, 3035 CS, 4000 CS and 5000 CS. Apart from the product 2800 C, all rigid foam boards have smooth surfaces. The embossed structure of the 2800 C serves as the simplified order of plaster. It is manufactured in a standard size of 125 by sixty centimeters. All other plates measure in standard size 162.5 times 61.6 inches.

The individual model types except 2800 C differ mainly in the compressive strength and the permissible compressive stress. The unit of measurement is kilopascals (kPA):

modelCompressive strength in kilopascals (kPa)Permissible compressive stress in kPa
3000 CS300130
3035 CS300130
4000 CS500180
5000 CS700250

Material thicknesses of the plate types

The embossed plates (2800 C) are available in thicknesses between 20 and 160 millimeters. The 3000 CS is available from thirty to 240 millimeters. From fifty to 200 millimeters, the 3035 CS is available. 4000 CS and 5000 CS start at sixty and reach up to 240 millimeters.

To create comparability, the price margins for the thinnest plates on the square meter can be named:

  • 2800 C between 6.50 and seven euros
  • 3000 CS between four and five euros
  • 3035 CS between six and seven euros
  • 4000 CS between eight and nine euros
  • 5000 CS between twelve and 14 euros

With each increment of material thickness (ten or twenty millimeters), the price increases by about two euros per square meter. Another influence on the costs are the containers and packaging forms of the dealers. They range from single plates to multi-plate packages. In general, the more that is accepted in a standard packaging unit, the cheaper the price.

Tips & Tricks

If you have chosen polystyrene as the insulating material, you should choose the BASF brand Styrodur. Even if you can save some Eurocent on no-name manufacturers, Styrodur's durability and non-toxicity are safer.

Product Image: Viacheslav Maksimov / Shutterstock

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