Create pond with pond liner or pond

Water in the garden in its most classical form: Already the Egyptians and Romans decorated their lush gardens with ponds. A garden pond is an important contribution to a complete ecosystem of your garden and provides habitat for many different animals and plants. We show you how to properly plant, plant and protect a pond. We also give you tips on fishing, frogs and other inhabitants of your mini biotope.

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Contents: Building a pond in the garden

  • Pond liner or pond basin?
  • pond Liners
  • pond liner
  • Fill the pond
  • Video tutorial: Creating a pond

Pond liner or pond basin?

Whether a pond or a pond liner makes sense, depends mainly on the size of the planned pond: From four square meters is more worth the use of pond liner, including a pond is often more useful. Pond tanks offer greater stability and are therefore also suitable for loose surfaces. In addition, a pond landscape can be built from several smaller pond pools - but this is often cheaper with foil.

Pond film is often made of PVC, in the higher-quality variants also from the more environmentally friendly PE. In general, the larger the pond, the more stable the film must be. For large ponds, which are heavily loaded, professionals recommend so-called EPDM film. This is relatively thick and holds for many years tight, but it is not cheap.

pond Liners

To create a pond with a pond you need:

  • a pond
  • Spade, shovel, pickaxe
  • sand
  • tape measure
  • a spirit level
  • a few helpers

Dig pond

Create pond with pond liner or pond: pond

Create pond with pond liner or pond: pond

Digging in the pond is very easy: first put the dimensions of the pond into the space provided for the pond and add about 5 cm of clearance.

Then lift the pond pit out; maybe not alone. With a few helpers, this sweaty work is done faster. Then fill up the bottom of the pit with some sand; This cushions the basin well in the ground.

Now put the pool into the pit and check the alignment with a spirit level. If everything fits and the pool does not look over the edge too much, fill the gaps between the pond tub and the ground with sand - the preparation is already done!

pond liner

To create a pond with pond liner you need:

  • Pond liner, material EPDM, PE or PVC
  • pond fleece
  • Spade, shovel, pickaxe
  • sand
  • gravel
  • several brick or Wackersteine
  • tape measure
  • spirit level
  • several helpers

Lay pond liner

Create pond with pond liner or pond: pond

Create pond with pond liner or pond: create

EPDM pond liner

Pond liner has the distinct advantage over a fixed pond that it can be used much more flexibly and thus gives a more natural impression of the pond. However, it is a bit more demanding and requires some expertise.

First, as with the pond basin, a sufficiently large pit with shallow and deep places should be dug out and spread with about 5 cm of sand. Around the pond shape you have to dig a 15 cm wide and deep trench - here the foil is attached later.

Then lay the pond well generously and overlapping with the pond fleece at the edges. Then lay the foil over it and use a few bricks or cobbles to compliment the wells. After covering each well with pond liner, pull the foil and fleece over the trench at the edges and carefully trim both at the outer edge.

Now insert the edges of the pond liner into the trench and generously fill the trench with gravel; so the foil stays in your position. The stones can then be taken out of the pit again - finished is your "Teichrohbau".

Fill the pond

After everything is laid and secured non-slip, especially in the case of the pond liner, the pond can be filled. Either with the garden hose or with a pump from a cistern or a stream - this is much cheaper.

Immediately after filling, the first life in the pond begins in the form of microorganisms.

Video tutorial: Creating a pond

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