Pond in the winter garden

Water in the conservatory: A piece of nature in the home of four walls

Pond in the winter garden: pond

A waterfall and green water lilies - fantastically beautiful

A pond in the conservatory - sounds fancy? It is. In many gardens there is a pond the central eye-catcher Unfortunately, one does not have much of the winter months. So how about the pond in the winter garden?

This is not only a wonderful way to give life to the place of rest, it also increases the sense of being immersed in nature. And with some great ideas From this, you can do much more: water plants that transform the winter garden into a green oasis, water lilies floating on the water surface of the pond, or a small waterfall that provides relaxation with its meditative lapping.

Even for plant lovers, a pond in the winter garden opens up undreamt-of possibilities. Because the natural home of many indoor plants are very humid, swampy regions in primeval forests of tropical or subtropical climates.

If these plants in dry room air Therefore, there are often problems. Despite all breeding efforts, it has not been possible to breed the original characteristics. One will wonder how the plants will grow and thrive in an adapted environment.

Interior pond in the conservatory

In bright conservatories, a shallow, deep hollow with a top edge that is level with the floor surface acts like a landscaped pond. That can be but only for a new building plan and in hindsight is often very difficult to implement.

If you do not want to dig up the ground in the conservatory, This impression can also be achieved with a pedestal. The area in front of the pool should be at least 60 centimeters wide, so that it not only looks like a narrow frame, but like a floor surface. The same flooring on all surfaces enhances the impression.

The depressions can be due to the small dimensions, ideally lined with pond liner. The marked corners are cut in and fitted together with hot air. The film is supported on the outside of the built pedestal, inside push gravel, earth and the water, the foil in the trough.

Another alternative is a so-called pond tub to use as a basic form for the pond in the conservatory. In DIY stores, the PVC tubs are available in a variety of sizes, which is why it should be planned in advance exactly what size fits into the appearance of the conservatory with a matching substructure.

The substructure may be off OSB boards and Styrofoam for the exterior cladding easy and inexpensive to be built yourself. In contrast, the purchase of technical equipment becomes more expensive. When buying the circulation pump and the appropriate lamps, you should seek advice from a specialist on site. Finally, only stones and sand are needed for the pond floor.

Water march! - what is to be considered?

Pond in the winter garden: pond

In the case of a pond in the winter garden, the right greening must not be missing

Before the water is let into the tank, it must be checked whether everything stable and horizontal stands. Then gradually the water can be let in.

For the first filling should as clear as possible water from a garden pond The ecological balance between plants, microorganisms and aquatic animals is set so much faster in this community. It follows the decoration with stones and sand. Also aquatic plants and fish must not be missing - however these must be coordinated.

In the often quite small ponds will be mainly dwarf plant species used. But even these can spread uncontrollably and displace other species. Popular plants such as Cyprus grass or bamboo must always be kept in mind and cut regularly.

Checkbox: Regular care

Even with a pond, which is located in the winter garden and thus isolated from the environmental influences, may regular care not neglected become. We briefly summarize what needs to be respected:

  • Regular water controls: pH and oxygen content
  • Annual review of the technique
  • Annual emptying and cleaning of the pond
  • Regular bacteriological examination

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