Build swimming pool enclosure yourself

Swimming pool canopy for clean and warm water

Build swimming pool enclosure yourself: enclosure

A private pool in the garden, where you can enjoy the summer undisturbed - what a wonderful luxury. However, it is not done with the purchase, unfortunately: To avoid that from your personal small outdoor pool will soon be a catch basin for leaves and small animals, of course, this would be maintained. Doing a great deal to prevent soiling and temperature losses, do here by providing a suitable pool enclosure. In addition, if children or pets have access to the garden, you should of course take care to take appropriate safety precautions. In addition, you can use your pool up to one month earlier in the spring and longer in the fall if you have the opportunity to protect it from harsh environmental conditions. Here you will learn everything about swimming pool roofing yourself.

Tarpaulin: possibilities

The easiest and most affordable way to protect your pool from dirt is to use a tarpaulin. A tarpaulin, which is colored black at the bottom, reduces the incidence of light and reduces algae growth.

When choosing the tarpaulin you have several options:

  • PVC / PE tarp Easy cover as summer or winter cover. By an opaque, black color of the bottom, the growth of algae is prevented.
  • Solar cover / air cushion Thanks to the small air chambers, this tarpaulin floats on the surface of the water and thus protects it against contamination.
  • Inflatable cover
    There are tarpaulins that can be filled with air. As a result, fits perfectly to the shape of your pool, which no dirt is left in it.


  • The biggest advantage of this type of cover as opposed to fixed canopies is the price and the flexible, easy Assembly, You can easily buy the tarpaulin and fix it yourself, without much know-how.
  • It offers reliable Protection against pollutionbe it through leaves, flowers, insects etc.
  • Limited security for children and pets. Such a tarpaulin is better than nothing when it comes to keeping the pool safe for children and pets, but it still does not provide 100% protection against drowning, as the tarpaulin could also yield or tear.


  • You can, of course, while the tarpaulin is mounted No longer use swimming pool, which remains guaranteed by a fixed roofing.
  • Depending on the size of the pool, the Installation complicated for just one person and you may need help. Tip: Here, a rolling device on the edge of the pool can help. This is a rail in which the cover is guided.


By Eyelets on the edge of the tarpaulin and tensioning cables You can attach the cover to your pool. To offer another possibility water bagswho complain the tarpaulin edges.

Furthermore there is retractors, which are especially suitable for air cushion covers.

Build swimming pool enclosure yourself: kit

Fixed swimming pool enclosures offer a great deal of comfort and fulfill various functions. The advantages here are that the assembly and disassembly is eliminated and even the opening and closing can take place automatically. Year-round bathing in your covered outdoor swimming pool is now possible. Closed, they also secure the pool from children and pets. Of course, these designs have their price and should, in order to ensure safety and stability - especially the bigger the roof should be - be left to a specialist.

Build swimming pool enclosure yourself: swimming

However, if you still want to build your pool enclosure yourself, there is a good compromise: purchase a pool enclosure kit and then install it yourself. The pool enclosure presented here runs on two rails, which are mounted on the long sides of the pool in the floor. The roof itself consists of three elements that can be moved flexibly thanks to the rail. Thus, the pool can be protected as desired from environmental influences or, for example, in the sunshine, completely exposed.

Convertible Dome: roof made of foil

Build swimming pool enclosure yourself: pool

A low-priced alternative to the fixed pool enclosure, which you can mount yourself, is the Cabrio Dome. The pool is protected by an anodised aluminum frame, which is covered with a durable, transparent tarpaulin. However, this can also be completely folded down if necessary. The advantage of this type of roofing is that the pool remains accessible, the water temperature can be increased by the solar radiation and the bathing distance can be extended. However, this cover is not suitable for winter protection.

Foliage protection: protection against leaves and algae

Build swimming pool enclosure yourself: pool

Another way to protect your pool from falling leaves, offers a so-calledLeaf protection network, This is stretched over the entire water surface andprevents the leaves from sinking to the bottom of the pool and causing mud and algae to form there, However, it is important to remember that it isno protection against drowning offers because it can not carry the burden of a person or an animal! In addition, the pool, of course, while it is covered with this network, can not be used, which is why it isespecially for the fall is suitable if the swimming pool is no longer used for swimming anyway.

Safety for children and animals by the pool

Build swimming pool enclosure yourself: enclosure

Pool alarm to secure the swimming pool

To ensure that the pool in the garden poses no danger to both child and dog, you should adequately secure it.Tarpaulins and leaf netting offer only a small protectionbefore drowning the involuntary bathers. The pool is better secured bysolid, stable covers or closed roofs, Another possibility is a sufficiently highfence without cross struts, which can not be easily exceeded by small children. In addition, a so-called pool alarm can be brought into the pool: this is a device that sounds alarm at waves on the water surface. However, this should only be additional protection as it may not be possible to act fast enough after the alarm sounds.

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