A pool on the balcony

Many people know about holidays on the balcony. Especially with children, it is quite obvious, maybe from the paddling pool on the balcony set up. A pool will probably want to build on it, but a whirlpool. What should be considered in terms of the balcony and a pool, you will find in this guide.

The use of a balcony

The standard of living is constantly increasing. Although most people will probably think about a pool on their balcony, but one of the following parts can be found on many balconies:

  • Paddling pool or children's pool
  • Whirlpool or jacuzzi

Most people think about statics, but not about the legal situation. But this must also be taken into account. In rented apartments, what counts first in the lease and the house rules. However, subsequent changes need not be accepted. So you can consider them as a recommendation.

Volume (immission control law)

It can be problematic with the paddling pool on the balcony. In particular, the volume levels, which are to be complied with according to immission protection law, apply. Even if everything is looser in connection with children. But nobody has to accept water leaking. In particular, since the parents of the children usually argue "it's just water," while the neighbors can see it quite differently, after all, children like to pee in water sometimes.

Water marching on the balcony

But also the later emptying of the water over a gutter can mean difficulties. Strictly speaking, it is not rain but service water. And there are systems that drain, capture, reuse or clear rainwater and process water separately. Basically, the establishment of a children's pool is nothing in the way, but the neighbors should really no reason to complain.

To the neighbor flowing water would be a nuisance

Water that drips down to the neighbor, but is such a reason. So the neighbor below you could also have his notebook on the table and drip water from you on it. You would then have to pay for any damage incurred.

The statics of a balcony

The static question, on the other hand, looks different. New build balconies have to withstand a payload of 500 kg per square meter. But for old buildings, this can be significantly lower. The paddling pool can, depending on water level and size, come close to this size. With a whirlpool or jacuzzi, however, it can be problematic much faster. With a capacity of 800 liters and two people in the whirlpool, the weight would quickly come close to a ton.

If in doubt ask a structural engineer

It is therefore advisable to consult a static engineer before buying a jacuzzi and to ask them for a corresponding calculation. Based on this, you can then install a corresponding whirlpool for the balcony.

Tips & Tricks

In order to avoid having a child's splash pool on the balcony prematurely in dispute with the neighbors, it is recommended that running water be avoided at all costs. This can be prevented by a tarpaulin that you spread under the paddling pool. After bathing, simply wipe away the run-off water. To get the water out of the paddling pool, you can use an appropriate water pump. A suction pump could provide valuable services here.

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