Pool robot comparison 2018

Purchase advice for pool robot comparison or test 2018

  • Pool robots keep your pool hygienically clean. The electric cleaning helpers independently absorb dirt from the bottom of the pool.
  • These robots are available as fully and semi-automatic types. The latter are connected to the pool pump and purify the water that sucks them.
  • Fully automatic devices move freely and reach the pool walls next to the floor. The best pool robots we have determined in the test.

Pool robot comparison 2018: robot

in the summer There is hardly anything better than to be different from the heat through a jump into the cold water to refresh. In Germany Over 6 million people go swimming regularly every year. special luck have an owner own swimming poolsbecause they can enjoy the tangy freshness experience anytime. If you have your own pool, but usually also knows that the private bathing fun a certain maintenance effort requires.

Without regular Clean collect quickly in the pool Foliage, algae and bacteria, You can make bathing uncomfortable and even health threatening do. The easiest way to a hygienically clean swimming pool is one pool robot, He cleans the pelvis systematically and thoroughly at the touch of a button. In our pool robot test we checked which models of the most popular manufacturer doing the best.

1. Sucking helpers at the bottom of your pool: this is how they work

pool robot function similar to vacuum cleaner: They slide over the ground and take dirt on. In her case, of course, it's the bottom of swimming pool, the one with to brush edited and cleaned so. This is different than the vacuum cleaner but automatically and without you having to steer the device.

The dirt picked up is in one Collected filterswhich should be emptied after work is done. In addition to classic pool robots, there are also models that in addition to the pool floor and the walls leave and brush, Learn more about the different types of pool robots in this counselor.

2. Pool robot types: semi and fully automatic cleaning aids

In the following overview you will shortly see which basic types of pool cleaners exist before we introduce them in more detail.

Semi-automatic pool robotFully automatic pool robot

Pool robot comparison 2018: robots

Pool robot comparison 2018: comparison

moderate performance

operated by external pump

with wheels

Cleaning with brushes


great job

operated by own engine

with wheels or caterpillar drive

Cleaning with brushes or fins


2.1. Semiautomatic: cheap cleanmen

Pool robot comparison 2018: pool

Semi-automatic pool robot from House of pools.

Semi-automatic pool robots do the electric pool cleaning affordable, They work on a very simple principle at the bottom of swimming pools: The pool robot is over one tube at the skimmer connected and moves with him. Skimmers are either wall-mounted or floating devices that use the water surface keep clean from garden pools.

The semi-automatic robot hangs in the wake of the skimmer and scans the ground for dirt. What the pool vacuum cleaner doing between the to brush gets in one filter collected and can after the cleaning process disposed of become. Although the robot does not get up the walls of the swimming pool, it is essential for that better as his fully automatic relative.

2.2. Fully automatic: real powerhouses

Pool robot comparison 2018: robots

Automatic pool robots strip the floor in strips.

Fully automatic pool robots belong to the top staff electric cleaning helper. So this pool robot moves automatically and completely independent over pool floor and walls and picks up impurities. If Pool foil, metal or concrete - These devices stay on course even on very smooth swimming pool walls and work the entire inside of the pool. They clean the floor in strips.

For effective cleaning they often have two things aid available: Many fully automatic pool robots have to brush and slatsto loosen any kind of dirt. The power for these remarkable cleaning results pull these robots out of the socket, Condition for its use is thus that in reach the pool is an external power socket, which supplies the robot with energy.

3. Purchase advice for pool robots: How to filter out the best

3.1. integrated pump

The pump In the pool robot sucks in the water that needs to be cleaned. Some models have such a device in the housing integratedwhile others on one external Pump are instructed. They are then connected to an existing water pump, the larger pools anyway usually own.

Whether the pool robot of your choice has its own pump can be recognized by the robot type: fully automatic Equipment is its own pump available at semi-automatic Not models.

3.2. filter performance

The filter performance indicates how much water a given device can purify per hour. High-class pool robots are also characterized by the fact that they are particularly effectively when brushing in the shortest time. The filter performance is also in the unit Square meters per hour specified.

For her domestic pool However, you do not necessarily need a robot with the highest possible performance. Rather, it is crucial how large Your swimming pool is. For a small pool with an area of ​​up to 16 square meters, a pool cleaner with lower performance is quite sufficient: A device that has an output of 8 m2 / h, for example, cleans a 16 m2 pool in two hours.

3.3. Hose or cable length

Pool robot comparison 2018: pool

The cable length must reach from the power outlet to the farthest pool corner.

The criterion of cable length refers to fully automatic Pool robots and the hose length on semi-automatic, Specifically, this means for your pool robot purchase:

For fully automatic devices, the cable must be from the socket reach into the farthest reaches of your pool. So you should be the maximum distance know who has to bridge the power cable.

For semi-automatic Pool robot is the length of the hose crucial. He has the distance to the skimmer or the pump to which the robot is connected. Therefore, also here: Measure how big the distance from the pump to the farthest corner of the pool, because the robot has to be able to reach it.

4. A clean thing: cleaning tips

Clean the pool cleaner? Yes that is necessary, After all, the robot is permanently in contact with dirt in the swimming pool on its cleaning tours. Then they deserve to brush or plaster slats quite a bit of care yourself. In general, these particularly stressed parts of the robot can also be lose weight, You can then use hot water and dish soap cleaned or just in the dishwasher are given.

5. The ABC of pool cleaning: important terms

algae: The tiny aquatic plants grow when sunlight acts undisturbed on cloudy water. The formation of algae can be prevented with chlorine.

Chlorine tablets: While pool robots are mechanical means of pool cleaning, chlorine tablets clean chemically. They prevent fungi, bacteria and algae from forming.

Pool heating: This device stands next to the pool and sucks off water, which is then heated and returned. There are solar and electric models.

Sand Filters: This is the most common type of pool filtration system. The sand filter cleans the pool by constantly sucking and sifting through water. The clean water is released again.

skimmer: This is a special type of filter that removes foliage and other dirt from the water surface. The dirt underneath must be removed by another filter or pool robot.

suspended: These are the smallest particles in the pool water that do not settle on the floor and are therefore difficult to detect by the pool robot. To eliminate them, a skimmer is necessary.

Waterline: This is the height to which the pool is filled with water. At this point, there is a lot of dirt on the edge of the pool, which has to be loosened.

Pool robot comparison 2018: robots

6. Questions and answers about pool robots

6.1. How often should I use a pool robot?

That depends on the outer one conditions, which is primarily the Weather certainly. For example, if the sun shines for a long time, this favors the growth of seaweed in the pool and at the end of the day cleaning is due. Has it rained, usually small-sized dirt is flushed into the pool, which must be removed. And even if in the pool in detail bathed becomes, that forms the breeding ground for germs in the water.

During the bathing season you should therefore use the pool once a day clean.

6.2. How else can I protect my pool from dirt?

The most practical way to keep your pool clean is to go pool cover, This is usually one pool Plane, which is tailored to the dimensions of the pelvis, thus preventing leaves and insects fall into the water.

Or you can bring these little invaders with you landing net to body. This is a net on a pole with which you can get the water percolation can. This method has the advantage that it is very Cheap is, but of course you do not reach the dirt at the bottom of the pool.

6.3. Are pool robots also able to cope with round pools?

pool shapes beyond the rectangle or square actually make one for many pool robots Challenge The fully automatic nature of the small cleaning helpers drives the bottom of swimming pools in strips off - similar to harvesting vehicles in a field. Round floor plans are therefore difficult for him to cover. Also on curved walls Fully automatic pool robots find little Stop.

Semi-automatic pool robots, however, cross the swimming pool after randomly and achieve that as well angled places, To keep the pool walls clean friends of unusual designs then so reinforced on skimmer and chlorine tablets put.

Pool robot comparison 2018: pool

6.4. What are reliable manufacturers and brands of pool robots?

The pool maintenance is not least a matter of hygiene and therefore for many consumers matter of trust: Finally, you can not see if the pool is really clean when jumping into the cool water. The following Manufacturer and brands are in the favor of customers particularly high:

  • aquamarine
  • Dolphin
  • Hayward
  • Maytronics
  • Miganeo
  • Smart pool
  • Zodiac

For your purchase advice, you will find here once again summarized the main advantages and disadvantages of pool robots:

  • spare the manual cleaning
  • are very thorough
  • are easy to use
  • need to be self-cleaning

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