Make candy yourself - filled indoor "fireworks" on New Year's Eve

Stuffed bang sweets for the New Year's Eve party

Make candy yourself - filled indoor

A nice alternative to table fireworks - or a mixture of table decoration, New Year's gift and table fireworks - is the bang sweet. It does not stink, there is no fire hazard and you can fill it with small gifts. In addition, crackers are unlike firecrackers released throughout the year. How to make bang bonbons yourself, you will learn here.

Christmas crackers (also called "Party Cracker") came to us from the English speaking area, where they are mainly used at Christmas parties and therefore often "Christmas crackersSince the Christmas celebrations in Germany are celebrated rather solemnly, the crackers in this country better fit New Year's Eve party - and spread here for years more and more.

Crackers are colorfully packed cardboard tubes that contain small gifts and lucky charms on New Year's Eve. The single cracker contains a small ignition strip, which is ignited when tearing and then provides the typical bang noise. Crackers are available in different sizes and with various contents ready to buy. In addition, there are already bangbonbon blanks for self-filling.


Make candy yourself - filled indoor

Sparklers are by far the most popular indoor fireworks and should not be missed on any New Year's Eve celebration. Mostly they are lit at the parties at midnight by all guests at the same time to greet the New Year.

Chemically interested people know that the binder on the rods used to ignite the sparking iron filings and aluminum powder consists of dextrin (collodion).

AttentionIf too many sparklers are ignited indoors, breathing difficulties may occur. Therefore, it should be well ventilated after burning. In addition, always keep the young children away from the still unburned sparklers, as the barium salts used in the binder are poisonous.

Make crackers yourself

material list

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Wrapping paper
  • Craft glue or Tesafilm
  • Hobby scissors
  • Ruler or Geodreieck
  • Ribbon or twine
  • something confetti
  • Lucky charms, sweets or small gifts
  • bang cord

Crafting instructions for crackers

First cut the paper used to a length of 30 and a width of 15 cm. The toilet paper roll is then coated completely or in strips with craft glue and rolled longitudinally in the middle of the paper.

In the roll of paper you can now lay lucky charms or other small gifts that are intended for visitors to the New Year's Eve party. Finally, the bang, some confetti and small gifts in the role. Important: The ends of the pop cord must protrude at both ends!

Then the overhanging ends of the wrapping paper are tied tightly together with a gift ribbon or a string, resulting in a typical candy shape. Finally, as close as possible to the baptismal fastener, a knot is made in the ends of the bang so that it does not slip later when the bauble is pulled apart and the overhanging ends of the string are cut off.