Popular and suitable for every style: gray tiles

Tiles with a gray finish are one of the favorites as they fit almost any interior design style and can be used in very different ways. Gray ceramic or cement tiles are available as well as natural stones from pale slate to granite or basalt.

Subtle and elegant in the background

Tiles in gray are especially popular with people who want their floor covering or wall coverings discreetly. By selecting the material and working up the surfaces, this effect can be strong or less pronounced. Shiny gray complements facilities offensively and often with nobler ambience than dull surfaces.

Many natural stones such as basalt or granite occur in marbled textures in different shades of gray. If personal taste prefers single-color surfaces, ceramic tiles are often the first choice. Concrete or cement tiles are particularly inexpensive and can be obtained by editing elegant Oberflächendekore.

Over fifty shades of gray

Almost all tile manufacturers, regardless of which material they work with, have various gray products in their standard range. The gray tones are defined in the RAL color scale.

  • gray Beige
  • gray Blue
  • gray-olive
  • squirrel gray
  • silver gray
  • olivgrau
  • moss gray
  • signal gray
  • mousy
  • beige gray
  • Khaki gray
  • Green grey
  • tent gray
  • ironGrey
  • basalt gray
  • brown gray
  • slate-gray
  • anthracite gray
  • Black gray
  • umber
  • concrete gray
  • graphite gray
  • granite gray
  • stone gray
  • blue gray
  • Pebble gray
  • cement gray
  • Yellow grey
  • light gray
  • Platingrau
  • dust gray
  • agate gray
  • quartz gray
  • window gray
  • traffic gray
  • silk gray
  • Tele gray
  • Perlmausgrau

Gray in different materials

Gray tiles are offered in every hardware store made of different materials. The cheapest porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles are often offered from eight euros per square meter. The products made of concrete or cement start in the same price range. Up to a square meter price of thirty euros, almost every decor in gray is available from these materials.

For tiles made of gray natural stone, the price depends on the type of natural stone. While gray basalt and gray granite cost from around twenty euros per square meter to around fifty euros, gray marble can be significantly more expensive.

An online retailer like fliesen24.com offers more than fifty different gray tiles per product group, such as natural stone look, wood look or a rustic design.

Tips & Tricks

Cement tiles with printed or painted decors in ornamental shape are also available in different shades of gray. They create an unobtrusive wall or floor decoration that often creates an antique-inspired atmosphere.

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