Recognize porcelain: Tips & Tricks

Many people confuse porcelain and ceramics. How can you tell if you have real porcelain or just ceramic? And how can you distinguish high-quality porcelain from inferior or even fake ones? Here are some help.

Ceramic or porcelain?

Most ceramics are based on the main constituent alumina. Porcelain is a subclass of ceramics and differs in this main component of most other ceramics: The main component of porcelain is koaline, also called china clay. Due to this raw material, which makes up around 50% of the material in hard porcelain, porcelain, unlike other ceramics, is translucent and much harder.

china fakes

Porcelain has always been forged. The names and logos of high-quality manufacturers are usually printed on inferior porcelain. To distinguish high-quality from low-quality porcelain, you can, for example, View and compare other items from the same manufacturer. In addition, each porcelain should be provided with a name that is firmly burned. If you run your finger over it and feel the name or even scratch it, you probably have a fake in front of you.

Tips & Tricks

Here you will find an overview of the most important porcelain manufacturers and their identification marks.

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