Label porcelain: That's how it works

A cup or a plate with a congratulation or a nice saying is a beautiful, imaginative gift. For labeling porcelain, there are several tools available. The best and what you can write about porcelain is explained below.

What can porcelain be labeled with?

Porcelain pens, porcelain paints or porcelain sticks in the form of letters are suitable for labeling porcelain.

porcelain pins

The advantage of porcelain pens is that you do not lose weight and that the writing feels very natural due to the pen shape. In addition, there are porcelain pens in different thicknesses, so you can easily paint both very fine letters as well as thick and large letters. After labeling, the color is baked in the oven and is even dishwasher safe.

porcelain colors

Porcelain paints are liquid paints that are applied with a brush. If you are artistically gifted and want to achieve effects with different, merging colors, this variant is the best. Even porcelain paint is baked in the oven and is dishwasher safe.

porcelain Sticker

Labeling porcelain with stickers is the quickest and easiest method. The disadvantage is that the possibilities are relatively limited: Neither the color nor the size, style or shape of the letters can be varied unless you buy in advance different bows with different letters. Another disadvantage is that the stickers on porcelain are not dishwasher safe.
A dishwasher-safe variant are decals, which are baked after application at high temperatures. For this you need an oven that can produce temperatures of 1400 degrees.

Ideas for the lettering of porcelain

As gifts are primarily cups or plates with a pretty motif and the name of the person. If the porcelain is to be a wedding present, you can also write a nice, short congratulations on the porcelain. For all occasions is also a proverb or a funny or spiritual saying.

Make porcelain yourself

Instead of labeling finished porcelain, you can also make it yourself. All you need is a few ingredients, including vinyl glue or glue. Because of these ingredients, the homemade porcelain is not suitable for the production of crockery. But a piggy bank or a beautiful porcelain figure can be a great success. Find out here how to make your own porcelain step by step.

Tips & Tricks

Combine writing and painting on your porcelain. Find out here how to paint your porcelain step by step.

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