Send porcelain: Tips & Tricks

Surely you have once pulled broken porcelain, ceramics or glass out of a box, even though it was "perfectly packed". If you want to send porcelain, this must be packed properly, so that nothing can break. We explain what to look for.

Which materials are suitable for packaging?

Many people like to wrap crockery and other fragile objects in newspaper for shipping. Although this protects the surface from scratches, but holds as good as no shocks and is therefore not suitable for shipping porcelain. Thicker cardboard or professional air bubble films (bubble wrap) are much better.

What should be considered when shipping porcelain?

Choose the size of the box wisely. Of course, it should not be too small, but not too big, so you do not have to pad out so much cavity.

Every piece of porcelain should be packed individually! Do not put the sugar bowl and lid together, even if you fix them with tape.

The porcelain must have absolutely no leeway in the carton. Air spaces must be filled with puffed rice, crumpled paper or bubble wrap.

Several plates can be stacked on top of each other with padding and then fixed with adhesive tape to the stack.

The box must be very stable and must not be damaged.

The heaviest should always be further down and the lighter above.

Make sure that you distribute the weight well, so that not one side is much heavier than the other.

Also pack handles and handles individually with bubble wrap or cardboard.

It is best to note on the box that the contents are fragile and mark where is above and below.

Close the box well!

Who is liable if something breaks up?

Even if you take out insurance for shipping, it usually pays only if you can prove that the content was packed properly. If not, you will probably not receive any damages. If, as a buyer, you have bought porcelain privately and that it arrives broken, there is usually little hope. For online sales, most sellers protect themselves by not giving a guarantee on the products. As a seller, of course, they have the advantage in this case. Finally, even with good packaging, something can break.

Tips & Tricks

If something breaks, the world does not go down. With a little skill, you can glue the porcelain again. Here we explain how it's done. If there is nothing left to save, you can still put beautiful mosaics out of the broken porcelain.

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