Porcelain smashed on hen party - why do you do that?

Surely you know this: Before the wedding, all wedding guests are invited to the wedding eve, where clattering porcelain and other crockery of ceramic is shattered. But why do you do that?

Shards bring luck

The custom goes back to the ancient saying: "shards bring luck". Originally, however, this saying did not refer to really broken ceramic or glassware, but rather to filled pottery, because Tongut was formerly also commonly referred to as "shards". What is actually meant is that ample supplies bring luck.

What may be shattered?

On the wedding eve the proverb is literally interpreted and much pottery destroyed loud, hence the name: wedding eve, so an evening at the neat noise is made. All objects made of ceramic, clay and porcelain such as dishes, toilets or other bathroom equipment may be smashed. So this is a good opportunity to dispose of old ceramic and porcelain items. Taboo, however, are objects made of glass or mirrors. Because when a mirror shatters, as is well known, brings bad luck.

Where is the wedding eve celebrated?

The wedding reception is not celebrated everywhere. In Austria and Switzerland one understands by stag party even a proper farewell from the bachelor life, which is known in Germany as bachelor party.

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