Porcelain stoneware: the luxury tiles

Porcelain stoneware has some interesting material properties and is available in many different textures and colors. It is therefore almost the ideal universal flooring for many occasions. Read more about the many interesting features of FSZ and the many applications that it offers.

Porcelain stoneware: the optimal floor covering

Porcelain stoneware is produced under higher pressure and at higher temperatures. This creates a nearly completely dense surface structure and a high material hardness.

  • extreme hardness that even surpasses diamond
  • high resistance
  • Resistant to contamination and easy to clean
  • Durable for decades, hardly any wear
  • Also suitable as outdoor tiles, because frost-proof

While glazed tiles, as known from the inside, are not suitable for outdoor use, FSZ can be used both indoors and outdoors. The low water absorption of the material makes FSZ completely frost-proof.

Above all, the design options are interesting for porcelain stoneware - wood or stone look are no longer a problem in today's modern ceramic design, resulting in tile floors that can pass either as deceptively real imitated floorboard, stone floor or concrete floor.

With these design options, tile coverings can today almost be the universal floor covering in any desired look - moreover, tiles are a pure natural material: in the end, ceramic is nothing but baked earth. That is also ecologically significant.

Today, FSZ can be found almost everywhere in the tile trade - as with kerana.de or fliesen24.com, in addition, the DIY stores have a mostly quite impressive range of cheap porcelain stoneware.

Depending on quality, design and manufacturer, however, the prices at FSZ can be quite different - from 20 euros per square meter to astronomically expensive.

That way you can save costs

In hardware stores you will often find the cheaper models - but you must always pay attention to the quality. Especially with floor tiles slip resistance and abrasion resistance are often not insignificant.

Tips & Tricks

Polished porcelain stoneware should be impregnated as much as possible because of its open surface in order to produce stain protection. Make sure, however, that the impregnation can sometimes significantly reduce the slip resistance of FSZ tiles. This means a higher risk of accidents, especially in non-slip areas or outdoors.

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