Build a mobile bottle holder yourself

In many situations, there is no safe place to keep the opened bottle while using a drink. Especially in the open air and in sitting situations without a table a bottle holder is a practical help. With amazingly simple ideas and conventional household items, he lets himself be built.

Attach, set up or plug in

The construction of a bottle cage can be designed for three types of attachment. Hooks for hanging and hanging on, for example, chair backrests, a fence or even low branches create variable application possibilities. A good alternative, especially for gardens and other places with loose and open soil as soil, plug-in models can form ideal bottle holders. For fortified and reasonably horizontal surfaces of all kinds are foldable feet under a bottle carrier.

Suitable materials are metal and wood. Sheets provide sufficient stability and a low weight. Wooden bottle holders can be easily constructed from light woody plants such as balsa or bamboo. High standing or hanging strength should be available for the different job sites and conditions. Therefore, the wine bottle holder made of wood, which brings the bottle to "float".

Ideas from household items

Convert cutlery basket

Many home appliance retailers carry cutlery baskets in different sheet and wire designs. Not a few round or square models can serve as an ideal bottle cage. Suitable hooks are carabiner hooks or s-shaped wire hooks that resemble classic butcher hooks.

retaining coil

A holding spiral made of steel is difficult to bend itself. In order to obtain the "raw material", can be exploited as spring mattresses or scrap yards for car and truck springs are searched. In addition to the suspension as with cutlery baskets, a metal rod or a wooden rod can be attached to put the construction in the ground.

Combined glass and bottle holder made of wood

Two wooden boards of about 25 centimeters long and 13 centimeters wide can be mounted parallel with spacers (metal bars / wooden chopsticks). In the upper board two round holes are drilled with a diameter of about 10 centimeters. This construction can also be erected or hung with a rod.

Bottle carrier with hinged feet

A practical functional extension is possible when constructing a bottle carrier made of wood. Two folding feet can be "sunk" on the subfloor and unfolded as needed.

Tips & Tricks

In principle, you can make a bottle holder from any suitable and stable cylindrical vessel. The minimum depth should be one third of the bottle height.

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