Portable grill for Father's Day

Nice is the Father's Day - only makes the fresh air hungry. Since there is no more food on most carts due to the lack of beer, we have found a way to provide the men's section with fresh grilled food. Our mobile grill, the so-called Grill litter can be carried comfortably on the shoulder and is built quickly. Not only father's day a real alternative for the meat-loving fresh air lover!

Portable grill for Father's Day: portable

Mobile grill: materials

Portable grill for Father's Day: father

  • 1 approx. 3.50 m long, fresh hazel shrub branch, thickness approx. 3 cm
  • 1 standard round grill
  • 3 m small-limbed steel chain
  • 3 S-hooks
  • 1 wooden screw hook, 50 mm


  • Tree saw or swiss army knife with saw
  • Side cutter or bolt cutter

Branch and suspension

Cut three equal pieces of the chain with the side cutter: Depending on the size of the carrier you can choose the height: A compromise is always 80 to 100 cm - The latter with established Mannsbildern from 1.90 m. Then screw the screw hook in the middle of the hazel shrub branch.

Incidentally, you can easily cut it off in the garden itself; Alternatively, they can try it in a nursery. Just going into the woods and sawing off is not allowed.

Hook in the grill - and you're done!

Now mount the grill as described in the packaging - but without legs. Insert the three S-hooks in the provided leg holes, thread the three chains and fasten everything at the top of the screw hook.

Now coal on the grill, Grillanzünder and set off - Father's Day can come.

Safety and regulatory information:

  • Do not ignite the grill in flammable environments, in the forest or even in the city center! If necessary, inquire about local regulations beforehand. Finally: It can not hurt if the wearers are a bit "sober" than the rest of the men's game!
  • Do not use the grill while it is being carried! It could otherwise come to burns or the food can fall down.
  • lets-rebuild.com assumes no responsibility for injury or material loss due to improper use of the grill appliance presented here!

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