Possibilities for the renovation of the terrace

Also, the life of terraces is not eternal - after decades, they are usually optically not quite up to the height, occasionally in need of repair. This raises the question of whether only repaired or extensively renovated and renewed. Some options, very elegant and with little effort to get a terrace that looks like new again, can be found here.

Background information

Many terraces show cracks in the flooring, signs of wear or general optical deterioration after a few years. Of course you can patch tiles, renew terrace stones, or provide the terrace with a different surface - but this is often very expensive and expensive.

A very interesting way to turn a former stone terrace into a warm and cozy wooden terrace is to use terraced tiles. They are simply connected by clicking together and create in no time a beautiful wood surface on the terrace, which is only a few inches higher than the original surface. Since terrace tiles only need to be laid on, the amount of work involved is minimal - and the cost expenditure, at around 30 euros per square meter, is still limited.

Tile the terrace again

It is easy to re-tile existing tiles - as a rule, the substrate is completely level so that the new tiles can simply be laid on the old tiles. You can also opt for a tile decor in stone look and thus enhance their old terrace visually enormous. For particularly high-quality exterior tiles you have to calculate in 30 x 60 cm around 30 euros, in addition there are tile adhesive and grout. The work is done relatively quickly on a level surface.

Structural renovation of the terrace

In some cases, the terrace must also be completely renovated due to fundamental damage - for example, if there is no thermal separation to the residential building, and the terrace is thus responsible for heat loss. Also, insufficient drainage and too low a slope, as well as leaks, can be a reason to renovate a terrace also structurally. But here you better leave the expert at work. Below is a short guide on how to upgrade your patio with new wooden terrace tiles. This is possible even after the renovation.

Step-by-step guide to planning a terrace

  • terrace tiles
  • mounting material
  • tape measure
  • Drill or hammer drill
  • Calculator and graph paper

1. Measure the terrace

First measure your terrace exactly and transfer the measurements to graph paper. This makes it much easier for you to plan as well as determine the material consumption.

You can always set patio tile elements either in the same direction, or offset neighboring elements by 90°. Depending on that, you will get a very different look. Try both options on your drawing and choose one.

2. Fasten patio tiles

Determine your material requirements and choose a wood type or WPC design. The patio tiles can then be laid immediately - they are simply attached to each other by a click system.

On the edge, it may be on some terraces that you have to cut a number of terrace tiles also on the sides. If you then attach a corresponding side veneer, you have a clean secluded terrace.

3. Fasten the covering

Since all elements are interconnected, you only need to attach the first row - preferably in the area of ​​the house wall. If you start laying on the opposite side, the shortened side can be fitted exactly to the wall of the house and thus remains invisible.

Tips & Tricks

Wooden decking tiles can also be glazed to a desired color that suits the home. In addition, a wood stain provides additional protection, even against blue stain and graying, which otherwise inevitably occur in weather-resistant woods.

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