Possible damage and risks due to improper roof cleaning

Not only roofing associations but also consumer advocates warn of the consequences of improper roof cleaning. What can happen, what consequences are to be feared, and in which circumstances there is a particular danger, this article tells you in detail.

Roof cleaning is cosmetic

Most roofer associations consider a roof cleaning as a pure "cosmetic". Removing dirt from the tiles does not extend their life. After that, they only look (maybe) cleaner for a short time.

Moose and dirt in no way affect the tightness and durability of the roof. All roof coverings can easily handle these loads without being damaged. So it's just about the look.

Stored dirt

Dirt particles that have already penetrated below the surface of the Dachstein can not be removed from there by surface cleaning. This dirt in the roof tiles is still preserved even after the roof cleaning, except it is glazed roof tiles.

Aggressive cleaning to remove this dirt (highly abrasive cleaning methods) can damage the roof tiles. The leaking roof may then cause severe damage to the entire fabric of the house.

Lichens and mosses

But lichens and mosses can often only be removed with a great deal of effort in many roof tiles anyway. Since the surface of roof tiles and concrete roof tiles is very porous, many unwelcome plants can settle there particularly well and stubbornly:

  • Moose
  • seaweed
  • weave
  • occasionally also certain types of mushrooms

A permanent removal succeeds only if these plant species including their roots are completely removed, otherwise they can regrow again. Especially mosses and lichens are particularly persistent and can only be removed by aggressive mechanical or chemical methods. But regrowth is often not completely excluded, even then.

Individual cleaning methods and chemicals can also damage the tiles. This can lead to leaks, these leaks on the roof can then cause further damage to the whole house.

Other possible damages

Penetrating water

When cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner - especially if improperly cleaned and at high pressures - water can penetrate between the roof tile and the substructure, thereby damaging it. If the infiltrated water can not evaporate, severe damage (moisture damage) to the entire roof structure may result.

Damage by committing

The inappropriate walking of the roof can - especially inexperienced - lead to the breakage of individual roof tiles. Even heavy equipment, such as large pressure washers - can mean too much punctual weight for individual pieces of roofing. The breaking of the roofing creates leaks, which allow water to penetrate the entire roof structure. Serious damage is the result.

Ban on asbestos-containing roofing

Where there are still very old, asbestos-containing roofing, an application of high-pressure cleaners is also strictly prohibited by law. A roof cleaning in this case would entail a high health risk.

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