Fix posts on L-stone - this is how it can be done

In addition to conventional building blocks and so-called L-bricks are used. Also, it should always be fixed posts. The possibilities of attaching a post to a L-stone can be read here.

Here L-stones are used

L stones are used differently. In most cases, they are used as follows:

  • as foundation stones
  • as delimitation stones

The look

The structure is explained quickly. In cross-section, these stones look like an L. The long side is on the short side of the stone lies on. The advantage results from space savings and in special applications such as an enclosure for a terrace.

But that brings us to the continuing applications. Roofs are often retrofitted on terraces. But also sidewalks on the property should be covered again and again.

However, since L-bricks were used, many do-it-yourselfers do not know how to attach a post to narrow L-bricks. There are again several options.

Fasten the posts on L-stones with special post carriers

As for all other conditions, there are also suitable for L-stones post anchors. Also H-anchors can be used if they correspond to the width of the stones. They are then in principle only plugged. Two drill holes are marked, to which the post carriers must also have the appropriate holes.

Then screwed with appropriate screws just across the direction. In principle, mounting with L-bricks is even easier than with many other requirements. However, L-stones, as already mentioned, are narrower. So they are not as solid as a solid stone or even a cast foundation.

On the side next to L-Stein a point foundation for the post

Consequently, another solution is needed. One of these would be to cast a small and high point foundation on the side of the L stone where the post girder is to be attached. Then the post is not directly attached to the L-stone, but directly next to it. Since you can make this small point foundation as massive as you need it, post support has stable hold.

Post carrier in L-shape

If the post is attached to the L-stone, there is another version of anchor shoe. Not like an H, which is simply put on the narrow stone, but in the form of a L. The post carrier rests on the surface of the L-stone and is angled.

Now the profile is angled again so that it can run down the side of the L-stone. The profile is now attached similar to the H-profile: laterally but not piercing and additionally from above. In DIY stores and specialist shops, you will find corresponding carrier profiles.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not find anything suitable, you can also have such a post carrier profile produced by a blacksmith or metalworking company in your region.

Artikelbild: juergenhu / Shutterstock

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