Wall posts - that's how it's done

A post can also be made of stones. Below is a guide to a simple post including foundations for walls.

The advance planning

First, it is important to consider which material should be used. There are in principle different bricks in question:

  • bricks
  • bricks
  • concrete blocks
  • aerated concrete blocks

However, aerated concrete blocks (aerated concrete) are not recommended. These draw a lot of moisture due to their enormous porosity. The material can not exploit the corresponding advantages of a post. Concrete blocks are best suited to wall a post.

Then of course it's about the dimensions. Walking is a relatively narrow post, is the simplest approach: the width of the post is the length plus the width of a concrete block, as they are arranged circumferentially offset from each other. In principle, a rectangular wreath or "ring" is bricked.

Wall a post - step by step instructions

  • Cement (for foundation and mortar)
  • Surcharge (for foundation and mortar)
  • possibly empty pipes
  • Structural steel in sufficient quantity
  • roofing felt
  • Slabs
  • battens
  • Mortar mixing tool (mortar bucket and whisk)
  • Mortar and smoothing trowels
  • Screw clamps for the roof battens for fastening the formwork
  • spirit level
  • Rod for compacting the concrete in the post and the foundation

1. Create the foundation

When these questions are clarified, it's time to build the foundation. Depending on how much load the post has to carry later (load of the gate and possible wind loads), a corresponding point foundation is sufficient. Make sure that the foundation is frost-proof. In addition, the foundation should also be reinforced.

2. empty pipes and reinforcement

If electrical lines (light, door intercom and bell, door drive) are required, suitable conduits must be inserted from the foundation during casting. In addition, in the middle at least ironing, better still a narrow structural steel basket should be embedded. This runs within the bricked stones and is filled with the individual rows of stones with mortar. Do not forget the subsequent compacting of the concrete.

3. Wall the post

Let the dot foundation harden for at least one day. It takes about 28 days for the concrete to harden. Then roofing felt is laid so that the masonry can not draw water later.

Apply a mortar bed and start with the walls. Always offset by a stone width to each other. When walling, make sure that you guide the empty pipes horizontally outwards at the desired height. In addition, the stones must be placed exactly in the water. It may be useful to work with a plumb bob.

4. Establish the degree

Now the mortar must cure again at least one day. If it is raining, you should protect the newly built post accordingly. Then it's time to make the conclusion needed to drain the rainwater. Secure with roof clamps around the post with screw clamps.

You can now attach a lateral formwork to it. Mix some stiffer mortar and fill the formwork. You can shape the tip square or round to your liking. Now the post should have at least 28 days to cure the mortar. Then it goes to the plastering.

Tips & Tricks

To plaster the post, you can visit our guide and our guide in advance.

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