Is a pot of enamel poisonous?

Not every material for cookware is harmless to health, for example, melamine releases toxic ingredients as soon as it is heated more. Aluminum pots have recently been suspected of leaving harmful deposits in the human body and thereby triggering dementia. There is no valid proof for this thesis yet - but now comes the question: Are pots made of enamel perhaps also poisonous?

What is enamel?

Enamel is usually used as a coating of metal, that is, each pot of enamel has a metallic core. The glassy material has a smooth surface that is relatively easy to clean. It is also used as a coating for grill grates.

Inorganic materials such as quartz sand, borax, fluorspar, feldspar and soda form the ingredients of the enamel. Various oxides serve to modify the properties of the material according to the purpose of use. Melting and cooling of the raw material results in hard enamel.

Does enamel damage your health?

The mentioned ingredients of the enamel are considered non-toxic, the material is similar to the glass, which is also classified as safe for health. Under the enamel is always a metal, with deep scratches this core is visible.

Eventually, such damage may result in hazardous material entering the food. Overall, scratched pots are difficult to clean, in the wells food residues and germs are fixed.

Damage to the enamel can also lead to chipping. Dispose of your pot of enamel rather, if quirks show on the surface, so you play it safe.

Carefully cultivate a pot of enamel

Anyone who gently cleanses and cares for their pot of enamel will not have to fear poisonous substances or germs. Here are some important care tips:

  • Clean your enamel pot with a soft cloth and warm water.
  • For flushing, use detergent and soak your pot in it.
  • Avoid scratching sponges and brushes that create microfine depressions on the surface.
  • Handle your enamel pot with caution: If it hits or falls somewhere, the vitreous material may shatter.
  • An enamel grill grate is best soaked in wet newspaper before being cleaned overnight.

Tips & Tricks

A frosted surface is a signal for many fine scratches - dispose of this enamel pot for hygienic reasons.

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