Repair a pot of enamel - is that possible?

It happens all too fast: the pot of enamel falls to the ground or stings hard somewhere - and the glassy material has a jump. Even flaking and scratches are not so rare, because enamel is relatively sensitive despite its hardness. Can you repair the damaged area again? And if so, how should one proceed?

Can an enamel pot be repaired?

Scratches in enamel can be straightened only by melting and re-hardening, this work belongs in expert hands. Gattschleifen you can not the glassy surface and even filling on cookware is not a real option.

The tensions between the enamel and the putty are simply too high when heated, and in addition, enamel putty is not a particularly heat-resistant or food-safe material. It is mainly used in the sanitary area.

If one were to melt new enamel into the flakes and scratches, tensions and breaking points would emerge, which soon dissolve again. The damaged pot could soon break again.

One way to save the damaged pot

If the quenching or chipping is in a place that does not come into direct contact with the food, you can make the underlying iron rust-sensitive. This will give you your pot for further use.

  • Coat iron with high-percentage phosphoric acid
  • Put the pot in a warm place
  • Allow to act for several hours
  • Rinse off with water
  • preferably on slightly rusty areas
  • but also holds on bare metal

The phosphoric acid reacts with iron oxide to form solid iron phosphate, which inhibits rusting and hardens the metal surface. So the enamel pot remains usable.

Tips & Tricks

If there is an outbreak or deeper quagmire in an area that comes into contact with food, further use is no longer recommended. If necessary, shards dissolve and lead to injuries of the mouth or the digestive organs.

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