Powder or foam - which fire extinguisher is better?

Whether powder or foam are better suited for a fire extinguisher, depends on the intended use. The ABC powder, for example, has a much wider range in combating burning materials. What is important and what are the differences when deleting with foam or powder, we show you here.

Coverage of the fire classes

The wider range of burning materials unquestionably covers the ABC powder. Nevertheless, it also has disadvantages in firefighting. While foam basically only covers fire class A, which contains solid substances such as wood, coal, certain plastics, straw and car tires, ABC powder, as the name implies, can extinguish fire classes A to C.

Wide spectrum - powder as extinguishing agent

Although the powder as extinguishing agent covers a wider range, it is more suitable for use in the basement and garage. In an apartment, the powder often causes even more damage when extinguishing the fire than the fire itself.

Susceptible electronics

When a powder extinguisher is triggered inside the apartment, it ejects the powder in the finest clouds. This then settles in absolutely every small angle. The powder can penetrate through the ventilation slots and tiny openings in the electronic devices in the house.

There, the powder lays on the electronic circuit boards and circuits and destroys them. All electronic devices in the home can be completely disabled by a small spray with a powder extinguisher.

Anyone who thinks about what is available in a modern household of electronic devices from mobile phones to laptops and stereos to TVs today can imagine the extent of the damage.

Tips & Tricks

Since neither the foam extinguisher nor the ABC powder extinguisher can extinguish one of the most common fires in the household, the grease fire, in addition to a special grease extinguisher for the kitchen a foam extinguisher for the other fire hazards should be present in the private household.

In addition to these two fire extinguishers is a fire blanket for emergence fires a good precaution. It has the advantage that it does not have to be serviced and reviewed every two years. In addition, the cost of a fire blanket with less than twenty euros are very low.

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