Electricity consumption oven - the facts

The higher the electricity costs rise every year, the more we all pay attention to things that we usually turn on as a matter of course. One of the household appliances that consume relatively much of the precious electricity is the oven. How much power your oven actually needs, we show you here at a glance.

Note efficiency class

Even with the ovens has done a lot in terms of energy consumption. An oven with the energy efficiency class A needs on average about 165 kWh per year. For example, other sources indicate 110 kWh for class A. The differences are often related to the different sizes and volumes of the ovens. The different functions of an oven also influence energy consumption.

As you can see from this data, the annual consumption figures do not really matter because everyone uses the oven differently and often for a long time. But the ratings have a purpose, because if you already buy a new oven, you can be so careful about whether the oven efficiently handles the expensive energy.

A to G

With the classifications A to G in the energy efficiency class, manufacturers are no longer able to cope. But the ovens have been developed and improved like all other household appliances. Today, an electric oven of the normal class A is almost an energy eater. There are now three better variants for level A, which are marked A + / A ++ and A +++.

Here are some examples of currently available ovens:

cheap modelClass A65 liters volume0.99 kWh
middle modelClass A66 liters volume0,96 kWh
Mini ovenclass B20 liters volume1.5 kWh
high-priced modelClass A +76 liters volume1.05 kWh

Older devices

Many older devices that do not yet fall into the ratings between A and G, need about three times the power. Depending on how often and how long you use the oven, you should use these values ​​to calculate the true power consumption. So you can better assess whether a new purchase and a high purchase price really worthwhile.

But pay attention to the really high initial costs. In many cases, if you buy a new one, you will calculate that the purchase will pay off within 10 to 15 years. However, this is only true if, on the one hand, the price of electricity remains as high as it currently is. On the other hand, you then have to use the oven as often as you want in the calculation. At the same time, you must hope that the oven will last so long.

Tips & Tricks

Today, the ovens have been developed so much that they also need electricity when not in use. There is usually at least one normal digital clock installed. This is also lit. Even though most of the time it's just about LED lights, power is always being drawn for the clock and lighting around the clock.

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