Kraftkleber und Kontaktkleber - is there a difference?

Kraftkleber: kraftkleber

Kraftkleber connects in seconds and is immediately loadable

The quick and concise answer to the question of whether there is a difference between adhesive and contact adhesive is no. Kraft adhesives are often also known as contact adhesives in relevant stores and hardware stores. As a binder, the industry uses in both cases polymers - especially the synthetic rubber polychloroprene and the plastic polyurethanes. After evaporation of the solvent, the polymers go into a crystalline state, which greatly increases the strength of the kraft adhesive.

Proper application

First, the two adhesive surfaces be freed from dirt, dust and liquids, Then the surfaces can be evenly coated with the adhesive. With the help of the finger test, it is possible to check whether the solvent was able to flash off long enough. If this is the case, the two adhesive surfaces can be joined together - it should be worked very precisely, because a correction is not possible due to the strong adhesive force of the adhesive. In order to achieve good adhesion, the two objects must be placed under pressure at the adhesive surfaces - firm compression should usually suffice. Thus, the two adhesive layers can flow into each other and solidify.

How long does it take for the kraft adhesive to last one hundred percent?

Since the two adhesive layers bond and crystallize within seconds, the bond is immediately loadable. Thus, for example, two metal plates can be bonded over a large area with solvent-based adhesive power. If solvent-permeable articles are used, the strength may increase even further when the remainder of the solvent has escaped from the bondline.

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What is a finger test?

To test whether the adhesive film is dry, press the index finger lightly on the adhesive surface provided with the adhesive. If this pulls when removing the finger no threads and has only a small instant adhesive, the two adhesive surfaces can be joined together.

What is the best way to remove excess adhesive?

If too much glue is used, no solvent is needed for removal. Just wait for the glue to dry and scrub off the excess glue with your finger.

Power glue on garments - what now?

Do not worry. The garments can be washed at normal temperature in the washing machine and are then free from residues.

What should Kraft adhesive not be used for?

For use outside the home or apartment and for working with polystyrene.

What different types are there?

Pattex Kraftkleber Gel Compact

Pattex Glue Gel Compact can be used for bonding Wood, leather, metal, rubber, plastic (apart from PE, PP, Styrofoam and soft PVC), cork and laminate are used.

It is extremely flexible, waterproof and heat resistant.

This power adhesive is particularly well suited for vertical and horizontal surfaces.

UHU kraft adhesive contact

UHU Kraftkleber contact is one drip-free, universal, powerful contact adhesive with strong instant adhesion.

Ideal for vertical and porous materials.

He is elastic, has a high Ultimate strength, is water resistant and compensates for material stresses out.

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