Power plasticine for doweling

Power plasticine brings dowel holes in shape

Power plasticine for doweling: dowel

Quick help with power plasticine

Classic DIY: attach bookshelves or curtain rods to the wall or ceiling and the dowel holes just drilled are too large. Power Putty solves this mishap. Simply cut, knead, fill in the holes and insert dowels. After ten minutes, the power play dough has hardened and the over-drilled dowel hole is no longer a problem.

Cutting, kneading, processing, rock hard - with the shrinkage and strain-free power play dough too large dowel holes lose their horror. What's more, thanks to the Henkel quality product, you can even do without dowels. If the dowel and screw do not fit together, just fill the hole with power plasticine, screw in the screw and let it harden for ten minutes.
Never before has the performance of a 2-component adhesive been so easy to use. The result is strong and safe thanks to the always exact mixing ratio. Extremely hard-wearing, loadable up to 50 kilograms per square centimeter and rock-hard in only ten minutes, the malleable power dough adheres and seals all common materials - even under water. Hardened, it can be painted over, sanded or machined. (Loctite)

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