Socket fuse Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for socket fuse comparison or test 2018

  • Sockets pose a real danger of electric shock - especially for inquisitive and thoughtless children.
  • With Socket Fuses, you can easily and effectively mitigate dangers and make your home a safe place for little explorers. The installation is easy, usually the products can simply be glued on, stuck in or they can be screwed.
  • Adults can also be kept away from the power outlet if they want to operate without power. There are special socket locks that can only be removed with the appropriate key.

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: socket

Electricity is the engine of our society, in every living room and nursery, the power flows naturally from the ubiquitous sockets. Adults are often aware of the dangers of power sources, but it is not uncommon Uncertainty as to whether the offspring has really developed the necessary sense for the risks of everyday life.

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: comparison

Simpler protection for significantly more safety: Parental controls.

In order to provide your children with a safe environment in their own four walls, all dangers should be minimized - including the sockets. For this there are socket fuses in various designs that make the dangerous current unreachable for every little explorer.

We present the best products in our Socket Fuse Comparison 2018 and offer you a compact purchase advice with the most important information: How easily can the fuses be mounted? What model do you need to keep adults out of your electricity too? We have all the important answersso that you can soon choose your personal socket fuse test winner.

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1. The socket fuse - simply plug it in and sit back

Even electricity can be stolen

Not only children can be kept away from sockets, also the electricity theft by unloved neighbors can be countered. Protection against electricity theft is especially useful in shared basements for washing machines, where each household has a clearly assigned outlet.

In particular, little crawlers with great curiosity sometimes feel magically attracted by the exciting contact sockets at eye level and would like to give in to the urge to put something into the holes. The socket fuse, also called socket protection or socket cover, provides in the simplest way an effective protection against unwanted electric shockswhen children want to indulge in the fascination of socket.

The practical thing is: The assembly is often very easy, many of the products are easy to insert or clamp, some are glued - finished is the socket protection for the health of your loved ones.

2. Protection for children or adults - the right type of fuse

In the following, we present the three main categories of socket fuses, which differ mainly in how they can be installed, opened or used.

Socket backup typecharacteristics
Fuse protection with device plug opening (rotating mechanism)

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: 2018

  • especially as Parental control for toddlers (up to about two years)
  • usually available in two versions: for gluing and plugging
  • but also available as a socket fuse for screwing
  • Assembly does not require any prior knowledge
  • Plug is pressed into the notches and turned - socket contact is exposed
  • Infants lack the knowledge, the required strength and the necessary level of skill to overcome the protection
  • particularly economical socket fuse: available in large packages (for example 40 or 100 pieces) from less than 20 cents apiece
Socket cover with special key

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: power

  • also as protection for older children suitable (until about five, six years)
  • is usually plugged in
  • can be pulled out with the key, which in principle acts merely as a barb
  • can therefore theoretically be pulled out with another pointed / flat object
  • overall, harder to crack than the fuse protection with device plug opening
  • Cover must be kept during the use of the socket
  • Key can theoretically be lost
  • a bit expensiveCosts are, for example, in a five-pack at around one euro per cover
Socket lock with key

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: power

  • safest variant of the socket fuse
  • highest level of child safety regarding socket fuse
  • Also keeps adults off effectively
  • Protection against unwanted current drain (electricity theft)
  • can only be removed brutally
  • Householders usually shy away - power take should finally happen secretly
  • most expensive socket fuse - Prices approximately between 7 and 20 euros

In our estimation, the socket locks with keys are the best socket fuses, so we would like to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the socket lock over the other variants.

  • safest variant
  • a hurdle for children, adolescents and adults
  • only removable by force
  • The only option that effectively protects against electricity theft
  • Violent removal may cause damage to the outlet
  • with prices from around seven euros per piece significantly more expensive than other types
  • thus less suitable for widespread use

3. Purchase criteria for socket fuses: You must pay attention to this

3.1. security

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: fuse

Especially at the level of babies, you should not save on the socket protection.

Many prospective buyers are primarily looking for a child safety device for the socket, after all, the child safety in households with sprouts is the highest good. Here is an old adage: Do not shoot cannons at sparrows.

Alone a nursery can have between eight and twelve sockets - depending on the size of the room, it may even be more. If you want to cover all sockets with the very safe socket locks, fall even with rather cheap products for seven euros between 50 and 100 euros - and then just the nursery is safe.

For the nationwide protection of your home or your home so the cheap socket fuses are more suitable for gluing, plugging or screwswhich can be purchased cheaply in large quantities. If your offspring grows out of the smallest child age (up to two years), you can, for example, convert to the still very affordable socket covers with special wrench, which should offer your offspring in toddler age (up to six years).

Every child is different: The definition of age limits can of course only be quite vague. For many a child, the rotating mechanism of the adhesive protector still works wonderfully at the age of three, while others crack the riddle earlier. The specified age limits can therefore only be approximate guidelines that serve as a guide. It is important that you keep a close eye on the development of your child in this regard as well, so that you can upgrade if necessary and thus always stay one step ahead.

3.2. theft protection

Covering the sockets is not always about protection against a power failure. Occasionally should also Stromdieben the plug to be pulled by these can no longer operate at your outlet.

Only the relatively expensive socket lock is suitable for the protection of such sockets. These can be located, for example, in the common basement of a residential building, where the washing machines and dryers are housed. Should No one secretly runs his washing machine over your socket, the socket lock is the perfect choice.

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: comparison

In communal wash cellars, a socket lock against power theft offers.

3.3. ease of installation

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: fuse

The child protection for plugging is particularly easy to assemble.

Also, the ease of installation is a crucial criterion for many people when they buy a socket fuse.

Since most socket covers can be glued or plugged in, the assembly effort is often not worth mentioning.

In some cases, the fuses are also screwed in, which, however, hardly any additional effort, For this purpose, only the fixing screw of the socket has to be loosened, the socket fuse has to be screwed on and afterwards a screw has to be screwed into the central opening. The protection for screwing also has the advantage that it does not lose its grip over time, but always remains securely fixed in its intended place.

Do not forget to turn off the power! To be on the safe side, always turn off the power when working at the wall outlet - especially when it comes to socket fuses for screwing.

4. Questions and answers around the subject of socket fuse

4.1. Did the Stiftung Warentest carry out a socket fuse test?

So far, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet made a socket fuse test. However, in her power strip test, she points out that over half of the products tested are deficient. If you are looking for a power strip that will do its job safely and consistently, and you also want to provide more electrical safety, we recommend the following comparisons:

  • to the socket strip comparison
  • for overvoltage protection comparison

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: socket

4.2. Can I also equip socket strips with a socket fuse?

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: comparison

The narrow Euro sockets (here four times available) are often found in socket strips.

Yes, that is possible. Socket strips, radio-controlled sockets and other forms of sockets can be equipped with a fuse, as long as they are the typical round socket outlets and not around the narrow, hexagonal Euro sockets. For the narrow Euro sockets you must buy appropriately shaped socket fuses.

The protection of power strips is even particularly recommended because they are often on the floor or at least not positioned very high, so even the smallest children who are still crawling, theoretically reach the contact opening.

4.3. How can I remove a socket fuse?

Socket fuse Comparison 2018: comparison

Socket fuses for plugging can often be pulled out with a power plug.

First, you should also remove the socket cover As a precaution, turn off the power.

How the cover can then be removed depends on the type and model. Adhesive models must be removed with a sharp object, which may leave adhesive residues. For bolted security models, loosen the screw and remove the guard. Remember to re-insert the screw to fix the sockets.

Covers with special key are solved with just this or with a sharp or narrow object, which has a similar barb effect. The socket lock can only be removed with the key provided.

4.4. Which manufacturers are recommended?

The different types of construction and fuse types indicate that That many manufacturers can be found in the market for socket fuses.

For example, Bachmann offers a good model with a special key, while EMZ or Unitec can score with high-quality products in the field of socket locks. Particularly confusing is the number of manufacturers of ordinary Drehabeckungen for gluing or plugging, the Swabian company reer can be mentioned here as an example. We have listed some proven brands for you:

  • Bachmann
  • chuckle
  • RPS
  • GWS Powercell
  • Hartig + slipway
  • Hauck
  • HSM
  • Lindam
  • Novaato
  • Offgridtec
  • reer
  • Sentivus
  • Unitec

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