Socket strip comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the power strip comparison or test 2018

  • Socket strips serve with their slots as a power distributor, if there are too few sockets available for a variety of electrical appliances.
  • Basically, sockets can be divided into models with and without switches. In addition, there are differences in equipment (eg overvoltage protection), flexibility (with and without cable) and the technology used (eg master-slave system).
  • Master-slave sockets are able to couple several slave devices (slaves) to one main device (master). This means that all the slaves are switched on and off when the master is switched on and off.

Socket strip comparison 2018: 2018

Most households can find numerous electrical appliances that make life easier on the one hand, but also provide entertainment and fun on the other hand. But to operate the variety of devices at the same time, the existing in the apartment or in the house sockets are usually not enough. If you do not want to do without the simultaneous connection of television, hi-fi system, digital receiver and Blue-Ray-Player, you should resort to socket strips that allow you to connect several devices to a single power source as a power distributor.

If you are looking for your own power strip test winner because of the many models, brands and manufacturers have lost the perspective, we recommend you take a look at our power strip comparison 2018. Here we introduce you best power strips before and give in our purchase advice important information about the different types. In addition, we'll tell you what to look for when buying a good power strip.

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1. Why are power strips indispensable

Function of a power strip

A multiple power strip provides multiple plug connections which, when connected to the socket, are powered by internal parallel connection and thus serve as power distributors.

Socket strips, sometimes referred to as a multiple socket, socket distribution, power strip or multiple power strip, are indispensable in most households. The reason for this lies in the large number of electronic devices which are present in many households and are to be operated at the same time or connected to the power grid. In order to enable the connection of numerous devices, the existing power connections are usually not sufficientso that the supply of electricity from the same outlet to several devices is possible only through the use of a corresponding distributor.

Socket strip comparison 2018: socket

Socket strip with edges made of aluminum and slots rotated 45 degrees.

Different models are used: So there are in addition to the classic multiple socket, the slots are powered by electricity, as soon as it is even connected to a power outlet, and socket strips with switch, in which the power can be switched off when not in use of devices at all or each individual slots.

2. Socket strip types at a glance

In each good socket strip test, apart from the subdivision into strips with and without switches, a division into different categories should be made, depending on special features and function.

Sockets typeFeatures and special features
Power strip

Socket strip comparison 2018: comparison

  • with cable and thus flexible
  • available with and without switch (some models even with one switch per slot)
  • different designs (usually three to twelve times)
branch plug

Socket strip comparison 2018: comparison

  • without cable, is plugged directly into the socket
  • available with and without switch (usually only one switch for the entire strip)
  • different versions (usually two to four times)
Master-slave power strip

Socket strip comparison 2018: socket

  • flexible thanks to cable
  • available with and without switch (only one switch for the entire strip)
  • defines one device as master, the others as slaves
  • Power supply of all devices depending on the master (if this is switched on, all other consumers are also supplied)
  • different versions (at least four to five times)
More expensive models have the above features in addition to a mains filter and overvoltage protection. Such a technique is above all the safety: While a net filter u. a. Protecting the power grid from interference with household electrical equipment, surge protection provides protection against lightning strikes and other factors that may be responsible for power grid surges.

3. Purchase criteria for power strips: You must pay attention to this!

In our power strip comparison, we have dealt with the most important purchase criteria for power strips, which we would like to introduce you to in this chapter.

3.1. Plug

In Germany, there are different types of plugs, which can be separated from each other: In addition to Schuko plugs, contours and so-called Euro plug are particularly common.

Safety plug

Socket strip comparison 2018: strip

Typical Schuko plug with two round contact pins and earth contact.

The plug system Schuko (protective contact) is one of the most commonly used (round) plug systems in Germany and Europe, in which the Plug via a protective contact (laterally embedded contact surfaces) are connected to a ground wire. To avoid electric shock, all devices that have a conductive housing must be equipped with appropriate Schuko plugs. International Schuko plug are also referred to as connector type F.

euro plug

Socket strip comparison 2018: strip

Flat design of a Euro plug in the classic color black.

The euro plug is used with a few exceptions throughout Europe. He has a flat design and is internationally classified as connector type C. In contrast to Schuko connectors, earthing and protective contacts have been dispensed with, which is why only electrical devices with protective insulation can be equipped with Euro plugs. As a rule, these are small household appliances that do not exceed a load of 2.5 amps.

shaped plug

Contour plugs are internationally regarded as a variant of the plug type C with round collar, which externally resemble the Schuko plugs. Unlike them however, they have no protective contacts and are not earthed, so that they can only be used with safety-insulated devices. They are designed especially for electrical appliances that have a load of 2.5 amperes or more.

Important: Bear in mind that all the types of plugs presented here fit into the classic socket strips with rounded-out slots. If, on the other hand, you buy strips that are intended for flat Euro plugs, then neither contours nor Schuko plugs can be inserted.

3.2. Number of slots, cable length and arrangement

Socket strip comparison 2018: 2018

Quadruple power strip with 45-degree angle sockets and USB ports as accessories.

Of course, the number of output plugs as well as the cable length are important factors when buying power strips. Therefore, you should first decide where you want to install the power strip, how many devices should be connected and how long the power strip cable should be at least for unproblematic use would.

Incidentally, the doses of the multiple socket strips are arranged either at a 90 or 45 degree angle, whereby models with 45-degree angle are to be preferred, since here the insertion of several plugs without mutual obstruction is better possible.

In the popularity of socket strips with different numbers of slots in particular five-fold sockets are in vogue. The particularly high number of sockets is particularly suitable for use in open-plan offices or for the home office, because in addition to a PC or laptop, the frequently used printer and other office accessories such as the desk lamp can be used simultaneously without producing much cable mess.

3.3. On-off switch

Socket strip comparison 2018: 2018

With this power strip with switch and overvoltage protection (safety connector strip) all doses can be switched on and off individually.

As already mentioned in the first chapter, there are models with switches on the market and those without. If your model is, for example, a triple socket outlet with switch, you can use it at any time by pressing a button in and out of operationwithout removing the respective devices from the slots of the bar. If your power strip can be individually switched - so it has a switch on each socket - you can even disconnect only individual devices from the power supply at the push of a button as required.

3.4. Master-slave function

Socket strip comparison 2018: strip

Master-Slave socket: When switching on and off the "master unit", the "slave units" are also switched on and off accordingly.

Especially practical, but also more expensive are master-slave systems. They are always worthwhile, if a conglomeration of devices that serve a specific purpose and that are more or less dependent on a "master device" connected together to a power strip.

As an example, devices such as game consoles or Blue-Ray players can be used, which can only be used when the TV is turned on. If, for example, you now select the TV as master device, all other connected devices are treated as slaves. This means that they are automatically turned on and off depending on the state of the TV.

Consistent use of manually and automatically disconnectable power strips (master-slave) can save a lot of power. Thus, the power consumption of such devices can be reduced, which still consume energy in standby mode. The savings potential in a private household alone amounts to up to 350 kilowatt hours per year. Not to think about how high the unnecessary power consumption in an open-plan office is.

If you find yourself next time, in the hardware store or online store to place a cheap power strip in the cart, you should not buy them but the better model, the power strip with automatic shutdown, grab and save electricity in the longer term. In contrast to the power strip, which must be turned off manually and thus often forgotten to turn off, you can set the desired time period here automatically.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a master-slave-outlet compared to classic power strips and branch plugs:

  • practical coupling of several secondary units to a main unit
  • separate switching on and off of the individual devices is eliminated
  • power saving
  • more expensive to buy

Socket strip comparison 2018: 2018

4. Safety instructions

Of course, safety also plays an important role in electricity distributors. In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary dangers, you should urgently pay attention to a few things:

  1. Socket strip comparison 2018: strip

    Socket strips must be free and must not be plugged into each other several times.

    Multiple power strips must never be coupled togetherto operate, for example, an almost unlimited number of electrical devices. In fact, power strips can not be loaded indefinitely, so overloads increase the risk of short circuits and fire.

  2. Power strips must not be operated coveredbecause the cover (eg ceiling) could start to burn due to the high temperature development of the strip.
  3. Socket distributors with switch are only free of voltage when the plug is unpluggedso that even if the bar is switched off and no light is detected at the switch, if handled improperly, there is a risk of electric shock.

Important: Also, be careful not to overload your power strip. Expert Axel Hoffmann explicitly pointed out that the power and power consumption of all connected devices should be taken into account and adapted to the maximum power of the power strip.

Calculation examples:

  • Power strip with max. 3.680 Watt: TV (100 W), DVD (20 W), game console (100 W), stereo (500 W), floor lamp (60 W), charger (20 W)
    All 6 devices together have 800 watts. This poses no problem for the connector strip.
  • Power strip with max. 3,680 Watt: Attached are washing machine (2,000 W), tumble dryer (2,000 W)
    Both devices together have 4,000 watts. That means: overload!

5. Questions and answers about socket strips

5.1. What do socket strips cost?

Socket strip comparison 2018: socket

A cheap 3-way power strip can already be purchased for less than ten euros.

Who wants to buy a cheap power strip, can already at Prices between 3 and 10 euros to find something. Models of the u. a. for power strip known companies Brennenstuhl or Belkin can also cost between 10 and 40 euros. Frequently, however, the price is based not only on the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the product, but also significantly on the number of slots.

5.2. Did the Stiftung Warentest carry out a power strip test?

The Stiftung Warentest last performed a power strip test in 2011. In issue 07/2011 she has 19 tested sockets with and without overvoltage protection under the magnifying glass and found that a total of eleven copies in electrical safety were only poor.

5.3. Are there waterproof power strips?

Waterproof sockets that are installed in very damp rooms or in the garden are usually equipped with protection class IP44. This means that they are protected against the ingress of foreign bodies with a diameter of more than one millimeter as well as against splashing water. An overview of the individual types of protection can be found in the following table:

first digitProtection against contact and foreign bodiessecond digitProtection against water
  • no protection
  • no protection
  • Large body parts (eg back of the hand)
  • large foreign bodies (Ø more than 50 mm)
  • vertically falling dripping water
  • finger
  • Medium sized foreign bodies (Ø more than 12 mm)
  • sloping dripping water (up to 15 degrees)
  • Wires and tools (Ø more than 2.5 mm)
  • small foreign bodies (Ø more than 2.5 mm)
  • Spray water up to 60 degrees
  • Wires and tools (Ø more than 1 mm)
  • grain-shaped foreign bodies (Ø more than 1 mm)
  • all-round splash water
  • complete contact
  • dust deposition
  • water jets
  • complete contact
  • dust ingress
  • strong jet water
  • temporary submersion
  • permanent immersion

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