Practical and modern: sew a chic sofa cover

The sofa ideally belongs to the jewels of the living room; it should not only be as cozy as possible, but also look really good. So that the valuable material is not polluted or damaged, more and more homeowners resort to a sofa cover. With a little know-how and craftsmanship, you will certainly be able to sew this practical accessory yourself!

Our tips: How to sew a beautiful sofa cover!

First, buy a high-quality fabric that is easy to care for and does not wrinkle so easily. How many meters should it be approximately, please refer to the following table:

bed sizeFabric in meters
6 seater sofaabout 22 m
4 seater sofaabout 18 m
2 seater sofaabout 16 m

Wash your fabric once before cutting it and iron it if necessary. Now he is perfectly prepared to serve you as a self-sewn sofa cover in the near future!

Create a pattern for the sofa throw

If you measure your fabric directly on the couch, nothing can go wrong: Lay the textile over the sofa as you would like to have the throw, mark the edges with tailor's chalk.

Now insert the individual panels slightly overlapping with pins. Then cut your throw along the chalk lines, always with some surcharge for the Umnähkanten.

So you sew your own sofa cover together

Last but not least, it's about stitching together, but only if you are completely satisfied with the outer shape of your put together sofa cover. When sewing, follow these steps:

  • Take the pieces of fabric from the couch.
  • See if you need to iron one edge or the other.
  • Sew the individual sheets together and overcast the edges.
  • Pull the pins out while doing this.

Finally, put your self-sewn sofa cover over your couch and look forward to the new, fresh look! Now sew the matching pillows, then everything is perfectly consistent.

Tips & Tricks

A sofa cover can also serve to beautify an old, worn sofa and make it fit for the modern living room. Maybe you have to pad up the good piece but before a little!

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