Practical help in the search for a good wall paint

A new wall painting is due, but you are still not sure what kind of color you want to grab? A good wall paint combines important properties such as high opacity, smudge resistance and freedom from harmful substances. But also ecological aspects should be considered, as well as the diffusibility of the wall. Each paint sets its own accents, none is like the other!

An overview of the wall colors and their properties

The question is not only what properties a paint brings with it, but also what you specifically want as a user. A good wall paint, of course, must be in line with your needs - and that can be very different than, for example, your neighbor's.

We have put together here a detailed overview of the properties of the individual wall colors, so that you can check with the help of various points, which is the right product for you:

emulsion paintlatex paintWhitewashingsilicate paintStrukturfarbe
binderdispersed acrylic resindispersed acrylic resinfumed slaked limemineral substancesdispersed acrylic resin
solventwaterwaterwaterFixative made of potassium water glasswater
opticsuniform color, mattuniform color, shinydull, cloudydull, a bit cloudyproduces plastic structures
special propertieseasy to work withabrasion resistant, washablealkaline, fungicidal, naturalalkaline, extremely long-lasting, fungicidal, naturalwith sand or plastic grains
disadvantagelimited diffusible, plastic productlittle diffusible, plastic productcorrosive colorscorrosive, excl. for mineral substrateslimited diffusible

You should pay attention to this when buying your color!

No matter which color variety you choose, do not take the cheapest product, because the important rule is: If you paint a wall color with low opacity, you probably have to apply several layers and thus do not save a cent!

A good wall paint has at least opacity class 2, in the best case even 1. So you make sure that your old paint is covered as efficiently as possible and you do not have to paint over and over again.

Very important is also the later overpainting of your new wall paint, namely some cheap products are loosened when rolling again. A good wall paint can be painted over easily, even in several layers.

A suggestion: loose glaze instead of compact surface

A wall painting does not always have to be homogeneous and compact, a glaze is more lively and dynamic. First paint your wall in the usual way and then put a translucent layer of paint over it in a matching tone.

You can use a sponge for this, roll up the paint with a rag or use a textured roller. Another option is to first apply a patterned wallpaper and then brush it lightly.

Tips & Tricks

You want a really professional projector wall? Use a special projection color for this purpose!

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