Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home

Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home: house

"A man has to do three things in life: building a house, planting a tree and fathering a son." Unfortunately, where this saying comes from is not unequivocally clarified. Symbolically, however, he stands for creating a common household (tree = symbol of the beginning) and founding a family, which has remained valid until today.

Even if the house is only symbolic of a home - whether rented flat or own property - a home offers many advantages. For many, the freedom and their own creativity is certainly in the foreground. But a home is also a good retirement.

Nobody knows how expensive rents will be in thirty years or what the future pension is worth. However, one thing is certain - having to pay no rent relieves the income or the pension and secures the standard of living.

Rented flat, condominium or home

Whether you want to live in a rented apartment, a condominium or in your own home is a matter of money and is subject to personal preferences. However, basic facts should be included in the election:


Who lives for rent, has to pay monthly rent and depends on the landlord. That starts with special design wishes of the living space.

For example, if you want to install a tiled floor or want to make other changes in the apartment that interfere with the structure, you must obtain permission from the landlord. The advantage is that you have to worry about almost nothing. If repair work or windows must be renewed, the landlord is responsible for this.


If the apartment passes through an immediate or lease purchase into ownership, eliminating the dependency on rental payments. Nevertheless, the owner may not always act arbitrarily.

If new windows are planned, he must consult with other homeowners of the house or, if necessary, with the owner of the entire house. Even a subsequent facade insulation is not possible without previous agreements and agreements of several parties.

With a condominium you can not do what you want. There is still some dependency.


As long as no templates of the municipality exist for the city view or the house is a listed building, an owner may do with his house and leave what he wants. Only owners of terraced houses must agree with external neighbors to neighboring neighbors and take into account in terms of noise.

Anyone who has their own house, however, must take care of any outstanding repair or refurbishment work, as well as the maintenance of the property and the requirements of the community for road and green maintenance on the property. So freedom also comes with obligations.

Buying a house or building a house yourself?

Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home: home

Building a house is often associated with a lot of work.

A home purchase offers opposite the house construction many advantages: It is not a building application necessary, in a good condition of the house you have only a small amount of work, also you can "commit" the finished house before buying.

To walk means that the interested parties can view each room in its size and shape. In this way, they can mentally set up the rooms and weigh whether the house meets their expectations. Perfection is rare to find.

Often you have to compromise on floor plan, room size, plot size or other areas. Rarely do the house and property exactly match your own ideas.

Not to forget the regional aspect: It's hard to find the perfect house. It is even more difficult to find a perfect house exactly where you would like to live.

a special advantage offers the house purchase in the financial planning. If the planned object corresponds to a modern house and only a few repairs or alterations are required, the costs incurred can be calculated relatively well and accurately.

However, any rebuilding work increases the risk of hidden and unimaginative costs. Also, the time required to move in, often extended with major renovation work.

Whether a solid house or a prefabricated house - building a new house requires more effort, but you have greater freedom of design. This concerns above all the choice of the property, the kind, how one wants to build and of course the room layout.

If you want to design your own home, you must also be responsible for it and face a major planning task. However, planning aids such as house catalogs help to rummage around. These offer many suggestions.

In addition, builders can exchange ideas in house construction forums with different construction companies. Who is overwhelmed with the house construction in-house, can always get help and put the entire house construction in experienced hands. Even with the developer nothing works without the consent of the client, because this ultimately determines his home.

Solid house or prefabricated house, what are the differences?

Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home: fast

A prefabricated house can be a massive house.

The term prefabricated house means that the new one-family or multi-family dwelling is delivered in components - usually wall elements - and assembled on the construction site.

Whether this is a solid house, the stand construction or a block or Sweden house is not specified by the name.

However, most prefabricated houses are made of wooden elements, as this construction method is particularly suitable. For this reason, many people equate a prefabricated house with the wooden stand construction method.

Nevertheless, the supplied wall elements may also consist of concrete, Poroton or another material. So there are certainly prefabricated houses in solid construction.

"Time is money" - This proverb also applies to house building. Anyone living in a rented apartment during the construction phase bears a double financial burden because both rent and construction costs are due.

Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home: fast

A prefabricated roof speeds up the construction process.

Therefore, it makes sense to keep the construction time as short as possible. This is not a problem with a prefabricated house. After creating the floor slab or basement, the wall elements can be delivered and set up, which usually only takes a few days.

A weather-related downtime on the construction site becomes a rare problem. The follow-up work can be carried out quickly. As the construction elements are already delivered, masonry and plaster work on the construction site are no longer required.

This also means that the components are already dried on delivery, so that hardly any drying phase is necessary. Depending on the type and scope of the prefabricated construction parts of the installation may even be included in the wall elements.

Who builds a prefabricated house, but should be aware that spontaneous change requests during the construction phase or later alterations difficult to implement are. A prefabricated house should therefore be well planned.

Advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated construction at a glance

Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home: home

The advantage of prefabricated construction was already used in "prefabricated buildings".

Advantages of prefabricated construction

  • All components are delivered prefabricated and only need to be assembled. This allows a huge time saving. In this way, major failures due to bad weather can be avoided.
  • The factory production allows a relatively dry house construction on the construction site. Long drying times are rarely necessary.
  • Massive construction is also possible in prefabricated construction. Prefabricated solid houses have the same advantages as classic solid houses. These include, among other things, good sound insulation and heat storage in the masonry.

Disadvantages of prefabricated construction

  • Individual floor plans are limited. Although it is possible to implement your own floor plans, but this is usually associated with higher costs.
  • Subsequent alterations are difficult to implement because all wall elements are interconnected and each intervention involves a change in statics.
  • Quick changes such as moving a door are no longer possible on the construction site.
  • To set up the wall elements a crane is needed on the site, the access and stand must be guaranteed.

Which expansion stages are available at prefabricated houses?

The term "prefabricated house" refers only to the construction and says little about the used building system or the equipment of the property. Decisive are the agreements between client and house construction company. Here are a few terms explained:

even Bauhaus

The self-built house is an elastic concept. On the one hand, it means that the house is completely self-built, on the other hand, the term self-built house is also used to convey to the buyer that he likes to support himself can lend a hand.

Exact agreements are enormously important here. As a prefabricated house, a self-built house usually stands only for its own interior design or the help of the builders. It makes little sense to manufacture finished wall elements on the site and then set them up. The time advantage of a prefabricated house would no longer exist in this case.


Prefabricated house - the fast way to your own home: prefabricated

In the self-built house, the builder may lend a hand.

A shell consists only of the walls and the roof of the house. Neither the installation of the windows and doors, nor the covering of the roof belong to it. Whether a cellar or the floor slab belong to the shell is not defined.

Builders should therefore read the offers of the construction companies exactly. Words, such as "finished from bottom plate" mean that the basement or the floor slab itself must be procured. This causes additional costs.


If you want to create a lot in your own performance, to reduce the costs, should choose a development house. An extension house is a prefabricated house, the interior design of which is still to come. The client is responsible for the interior work.

In the case of development houses, there are no regulations as to which services the manufacturer and which the builder must provide. Therefore, exact arrangements and contracts are necessary here as well. As a rule, however, the manufacturer already completes the bodyshell including windows, doors, roof, insulation and exterior plaster.

Only installation, interior plaster and renovation work should be missing.

Turnkey house

The term "turnkey" is not legally defined. Construction companies thus have a great deal of room for interpretation. For this reason, builders should consider the building description of their future home read carefully. Only then do they really know whether turnkey construction actually means ready for occupancy, or whether they are still faced with the entire interior design.

Conclusion to the prefabricated house

Even if the prefabricated construction includes the word "finished", this does not mean a finished house. Likewise, this does not mean a specific architectural style. Whether bungalow, family house, multi-family or architect house with tailor-made planning - builders have the choice. By prefabricated wall elements of the prefabricated construction can be implemented in no time.

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