Build prefabricated garages yourself - luxury for small prices

Build prefabricated garages yourself - luxury for small prices: prefabricated

Prefabricated garages are now not only inexpensive to buy, but also look really chic. In terms of stability and design you are in no way inferior to a normal garage. But just convince yourself.

Prefabricated Garage Prices: Cheap or Cheap?

Build prefabricated garages yourself - luxury for small prices: prefabricated

When it comes to finished garage, many think of a cheap product, which you can also see its low price. In fact, it is one inexpensive solutionthat the car safely kept and blends harmoniously into the architectural and landscape environment.

Why are prefabricated garages so cheap?

Of course, the question arises as to what is saved in the prefabricated garages. You already save a huge amount on the labour costs on. Already after a few hours is the new garage, In a normal garage, this sometimes takes several weeks, which is clearly reflected in the labor costs, which are the most expensive to build.

Prefabricated garages are suitable for every type of house

Build prefabricated garages yourself - luxury for small prices: yourself

Assembly line with one Maximum of individuality - So you could call prefabricated garages. There are now many different manufacturers and even more individual design options for your prefabricated garage. Thus it is guaranteed that the garage of the Architecture and the color scheme of your home and so does not give the impression that they are two separate parts. Be it a green roof, a window in the side wall or a galvanized steel swing gate in herringbone look: Both the Interior and exterior design are so variablethat everyone is his personal lifestyle can express.

Space: Even a lobster has space

Build prefabricated garages yourself - luxury for small prices: build

(Photo: epr / Estelit)

In addition to one modern garage door optics convince the modern prefabricated garages also through her high functionality, Extra-wide models offer plenty of space and make getting in and out as comfortable and comfortable as possible for young and old - if necessary, even an extra-wide Hummer in your garage space

Schedule equipment room and power connection

The garage is no longer used only for the beloved car. Rather, it also serves as storeroom for garden tools such as winter tires, hedge trimmers, bicycles and bio bin. So that you have this place too, you should be calm when planning take a few meters more space, Practical would be one too power connectionto which you e.g. Can connect your lawnmower.

Assemble prefabricated garage individually

The buyer of a prefabricated garage - which in this case is hardly any more talked about by the client, because the desired garage is placed on the property within a few hours and ready for immediate use - has the choice between different fronts and gates, Likewise, there are variables Accessories such as side doors (for example to the garden) Trellis and roof finishes.

The modern production technology allows it in one molding prepared Prefabricated garages made of concrete and reinforced concrete in the production by Exchange of molded parts to change their appearance. A harmonious integration in the architectural environment is thus guaranteed and all individual ideas of the client can be fulfilled. The appearance of the garage is mainly determined by the front design: It plays the harmony between the Win Screen, marked by Material, structure such as colour, and the framing profile at the individual design an important role.

Here you will find one Prefabricated garages configurator

Various garage door variants

Build prefabricated garages yourself - luxury for small prices: garages

(Photo: epr / Estelit)

In addition, modern offer Prefabricated Garages programs a lot of others variations - for example, at the Tortechnik, The scale ranges from the low-priced over door up to the vertical opening Sectional Doorto which you have to hold when opening and closing unlike the swing gate no distance. There are different ones Torprofilierungen, Finishes in Steel and wood as well as Standard and special colors for optional. Who puts his pretty garage in the right light and does not want to go in the dark to the house, can also have a profile with integrated lighting choose. Side walls as well as back wall can also be individually designed. So there is articulated walls with decorative, light junctions, with integrated trellises, with windows and with side doors, By selecting from Gate technology, front view of the garage and accessories the cost-effective prefabricated garage becomes a building in individual tailor-made. In addition to the equipment and the dimensions are variable.

Also as a double garage or with carport

And if that too second car should not be outdoors, there is the whole as a double garage as well as in combination with a carport.

Who more on the topic Garages in custom-made wants to know, finds detailed information on the Internet at

Safe protection against martens

Marten are known to prefer to destroy cables in car engines. In order to combat martens on the car, one should accordingly resort to effective means. With a prefabricated garage one can save these means in the rule, since martens normally have no access there. Here you will find more information about martens.

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