Is a prefabricated house worthwhile as a two-family house?

In all types, be it a single-family, double, or terraced house, the two-family house stands out as one of the most popular variants. But why? In this article you will learn about the advantages of a two-family house and how it can be built as a prefabricated house.

What advantages does a two-family house have?

Probably the biggest advantage of a two-family house is that it can accommodate several generations of a family there: So if you are old, find not only yourself, but also your children and possibly grandchildren in the house. This creates a family, "connected" atmosphere and keeps the whole family together.

So you have two completely separate apartments that can easily account for their energy consumption separately and in many cases even have their own entrance. So your privacy is secured; an important contribution to stress-free and relaxed living.

Is a prefabricated house worthwhile as a two-family house?: prefabricated

In addition, the construction of a two-family house is more efficient than a one-family house: The required land area is usually only slightly larger than a one-family house and the house is, seen on the living space, cheaper than a detached house.

Are the costs higher?

Since a two-family house requires more material and labor in interior design, the bottom line costs are of course higher than in a single-family home. If one converts the total price but then on the cost per square meter, a two-family house is usually cheaper.

Turnkey or expansion house?

If you look at the list of prefabricated house providers, you will usually find two prices: The first, usually considerably cheaper than the second, refers to a so-called extension house: Here, all the work of the interior, from painting to all the lines and connections, made yourself become.

The second price refers to a turnkey, ie directly ready to move house. Especially in a two-family house, where the cost of an interior is once again higher than in a detached house, you should opt for the turnkey variant.

Unless you are very motivated and gifted: with the help of acquaintances or friends you can save a lot of money if you do the interior work yourself; expensive hourly wages of the prefabricated house provider are therefore eliminated.

Second apartment as a source of income

But even if you do not want to use the two-family house for several generations, it may make sense: Rent the second apartment, build a long-term source of income.
Another possibility is the sale of the second apartment: A way to get a significant part of the construction costs "clean" again.

However you decide, a two-family house offers a few tangible advantages that make the construction of such a house worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks

The prices of the different prefabricated house providers can vary greatly: So, compare a few providers before you decide; especially in two-family homes, the differences are significant.

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