Put together a prefabricated house - your options

If you are interested in a prefabricated house, today you have modern planning possibilities. So you can assemble your dream home with the help of programs and configurators. In this article you will learn how this works and what you should know.

The configurator - visualization of the later house

The most popular way to put together a prefabricated house are free configurators on the Internet. Some prefabricated house companies offer you the possibility to configure their house without obligation; So you not only get an overview of the offer of the respective provider, but can also see right now, which compilation you like.

The configurator helps you in many cases not only in the design of the house, but already reveals much about the provider. Is it clear and transparent or does it not look good even after a long time?

Put together a prefabricated house - your options: together

Architectural programs - professional compilation

If you feel restricted in the configurators of the prefabricated house providers, you can purchase a professional architectural program. Here you have complete freedom in terms of the individual components of your prefabricated house - so you not only come close to your dream home, but hit it to the point.

Surely you ask yourself: "What helps me a self-made house, if the manufacturers anyway just go to their catalogs?" Due to the ever more prevalent customization in prefabricated, most providers are open to individual needs and also have the technical possibilities for realization. Due to this fact disappears a hitherto significant disadvantage of prefabricated houses, lack of individuality.

Can you already see prices?

When compiling a prefabricated house on the Internet, it is hardly possible to see the prices of the assembled configuration. Although you will often find base prices for specific properties, everything else depends on very individual factors: the nature of the property, the location and also the financing of the client influence the final price.

Tips & Tricks

Try different configurators to compare the possibilities of the individual manufacturers. If you are not satisfied with the possibilities of the configurators, you should think about a standard architecture program (professional applications can be very expensive).

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