Prefabricated houses from Poland - Cheap or low cost?

Prefabricated houses from Poland - Cheap or low cost?: cheap

OnPrefabricated house to buy cheap It's not that hard. In many areas of the industry, low cost production in Eastern European countries, e.g. Poland used. This not only brings advantages for the producers, but also offers lucrative offers for the end customer. Meanwhile, this trend can also be observed in the prefabricated construction sector. Thus, German builders can also benefit from these advantages and build their house from prefabricated elements, which were prefabricated in Poland.

How does it work?

If you want to buy a prefabricated house cheaply and have to operate abroad, you may feel insecure. Many builders are skeptical at first, as they can not imagine engaging such a costly project with a foreign company. In most cases, however, this is not necessary at all, because many German prefabricated construction companies specialize in the import of prefabricated houses from Poland. These companies are based in Germany and have direct contacts to production sites in Poland or have their own plants in Eastern Europe.

What quality does a house from Poland offer?

Prefabricated houses from Poland - Cheap or low cost?: prefabricated

Qualitatively, most of the houses in Poland are in no way inferior to the German prefabricated buildings. The Manufacturers produce technology according to German prefabrication and use high-quality materials for the completion of the individual elements. Some manufacturers therefore give up to 30 years warranty on their prefabricated houses. If you want to have your prefabricated house cheaply manufactured in Poland, you're in luck.

Nevertheless, there is also in prefabricated black sheep which do not meet the required quality standards. However, you can protect yourself from this by selecting providers that have German quality certificates. For to obtain such a certificate, the companies must meet very high requirements, in which even some German companies come to shaky. In addition, pay attention to the origin of the individual raw materials, such as Wood. Again, there are many scammers who use cheap wood from countries like Ukraine or Belarus.

Who is responsible for the foundation?

In prefabricated construction, it is generally customary for the client to be responsible for the foundation (base plate or basement extension). But what about a house from Poland? Under German law, foreign companies are prohibited from setting up foundations in Germany. For this reason, mostly local companies are used for this purpose. You can take care of the transaction yourself, however, most prefab companies also provide a service, so you do not have to make any extra effort.

How is the final assembly done?

The structure of the house is basically the same, as in prefabricated buildings that were produced in Germany. In this case, however, comes the material, as well as the manpower from Poland. The Polish artisans are reliable specialists who set up the house in no time. For certified companies, you are usually dealing with highly skilled and professional professionals.

Depending on your request can also a turnkey delivery where you do not have to worry about anything anymore. Once the construction is complete, you will receive the key and move into your new home.


Keep the reference to your own wishes, if you want to buy a prefab house cheap. If you are not looking for the cheapest offer, but for the most serious, you will enjoy the cheap home for a long time. You can also use support programs with which the state supports the construction of energy-efficient houses. Even the houses manufactured in Poland are already living up to the German Energy Saving Ordinance 2009 and are thus definitely worthy of support.

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