Prefabricated houses from Poland - qualitative and reliable?

If you think about buying a prefabricated house, the price certainly plays a crucial role. Therefore, a price comparison is worthwhile, even over the German border. In this article you will learn why prefabricated houses from Poland are cheap, but still high quality.

Why are prefabricated houses from Poland cheaper?

If you think of Poland first of all, special sophistication will not be the first thought that comes to your mind. But just in prefabricated houses refutes the assumption of "Billigheimer from the East" increasingly. Some German prefabricated companies have relocated their headquarters to Poland or other Eastern European countries for very specific reasons.

For one thing, there is a great need for new buildings in Poland, especially because of the long-standing communist influence. German manufacturers open up a completely new, lucrative market segment, especially when they are represented locally. On the other hand, there are partly significantly lower wage ratios in Poland than in Germany, which makes the long-lasting interior fittings cheaper in particular.

Prefabricated houses from Poland - qualitative and reliable?: prefabricated

Of course there are also completely foreign companies working in Poland. Here it is recommended that you inform yourself on the Internet about the respective provider; maybe there is a real insider tip.

Is the high quality as in Germany?

Especially in a house, usually the largest private investment in the life of the "normal consumer", they say "rather something sensible and stay in Germany". Of course, Germany is known worldwide for an unrivaled quality standard. But German manufacturers who have "emigrated" to Poland for cost reasons, can just ensure this quality standard.

So, if you compare prices and consider providers with a Polish seat, you can save thousands of dollars without compromising on quality.

And what about the transport?

Since the Polish prefabricated house companies are specialized in German customers, the transport costs are in most cases still so favorable that you still have a big savings on the bottom line. Of course, it is more worthwhile and useful if your residence is in the eastern part of Germany than on the Belgian border.

German customer service included?

Not always do you have a good contact person at Polish suppliers. If he is "completely foreign" and only slightly cheaper than comparable providers, you could get in trouble with the communication. Especially with a house, where so many things have to be organized, planned and discussed in detail, this is unfavorable.

It always applies: Inform yourself in advance about the respective provider, its customer service and the price / performance ratio.


The following overview summarizes the information on "prefabricated houses from Poland" once more:

  • Due to high demand for new buildings often German manufacturers in Poland
  • High quality standard the rule
  • Transport costs adapted for German customers
  • Mostly German customer service, inform in advance makes sense

Tips & Tricks

The website is the business card of every prefabricated house provider. If this works in an orderly, sensible and clearly structured way, this is already a good sign.

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