Preolitschindeln belong to the group of bitumen shingles

Especially from the former GDR Preolitschindeln are known. The refractory, durable and dense material is a special type of bitumen and is nowadays usually produced with glass fleece. The favorable price, the color selection and the easy processing provide for growing demand.

Flexible and elastic

The Preolitschindeln are manufactured in the three shapes rectangle, triangle and Biberschwanz. The finished punched sheets with three to five shingle elements are laid next to each other and the next row above it glued on with about one third of the overlap.

The good formability by the elasticity of Preolitschindeln are particularly suitable for roofs with many structural interruptions of the smooth roof surface. Roundings and corners through dormers, bay windows or domes can be closed tight and durable.

Ingredients and manufacturing

Originally Preolit ​​is a trade name for the thermoset plastic Bakelite, which was developed in the beginning of the twentieth century. The first industrially manufactured plastic was produced long using formaldehyde. Only for about twenty years, the manufacturers come out without the alleged carcinogenic substance.

Modern Preolitschindeln consist of a carrier layer of glass fleece mats, is applied to both sides of bitumen. The coloring is usually produced by the application of mineral granules, also called sanding, on the visible surface, whereby the typical rough texture of the shingles arises.

Shapes of the lower edge

  • Triangular proline sheaths are produced in webs with three individual shingles.
  • Rectangular shingles made of Preolit ​​consist of four individual shingles.
  • Preolitschindeln with half-round finishes, usually referred to as Biberschwanz, consist of five individual shingles.

Provider and price range

  • offers red Preolitschindelbahnen in all three forms, which are attached by means of nailing and gluing on the roof.
  • leads in its assortment Preolit ​​glass fleece bitumen shingles and is distributed by Franz Friedrich prince of Prussia.
  • supplies with the Preolitschindeln roofing felt with, which must be installed with Tonnendächern as Voreindeckung, with saddle roofs not.

Preolitschindeln are among the cheapest roofing materials and are already available from five euros per square meter. Finished cut lanes with three to five individual shingles cost from ten euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

Depending on the shape of the lower edge, different amounts of Preolitschindeln per square meter are needed. Pay attention to the provider of the unit of the price, which should not be specified in numbers.

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