Preparing for the spring: installation of sunscreen solutions

The spring in Germany announces from April at the latest with a sudden increase in daily sunshine hours. On average, the sun shines in April already 5.3 hours and reached in the merry month of May with 6.8 hours already almost midsummer (July / August 7.7) level. The welcome light enhances our quality of living when it is controlled by means of individual sunscreen solutions. Six construction types help with sunshine from above and with incidentally flashing spring messengers. Opacity, amount of light and living atmosphere can be perfectly influenced and regulated.

Panel curtain and pleated

Windows, glass doors and glazed panorama fronts are the light suppliers in the rooms. There are two demands on the basic lighting supply. They should take in perfect amounts of light at any time of the day and provide privacy to the outside world.

Preparing for the spring: installation of sunscreen solutions: installation

Curtains dampen the light and prying eyes.

The semi-transparent curtain gate with a double-sided curtain has been supplemented by scarves years ago. Modern panel curtains with incorporated ornaments are also used as rigid elements. Attractive are combinations of smooth surfaces with folded or gathered materials. Colors, textures and structures affect light penetration and opacity. Pleats work similarly and are limited to individual surfaces such as windows. Different folding and leadership techniques combine visual appeal with comfortable usability.

Slats and shutter

Wooden shutters ennoble the windows and doors in historic buildings not only from the outside. Also, the sun protection should not be neglected, which also means to bring the elegance of stately architecture in your own home. Shutter are wooden shutters mounted inside.

Preparing for the spring: installation of sunscreen solutions: spring

Wooden shutters provide interesting light effects.

The slat elements can be folded or pushed. The adjustment of the slat inclination regulates the incidence of light steplessly. Shadow play and opaque closure positions create a unique and exclusive living atmosphere. Depending on the construction situation, coordinated combinations with cabinet veneers are possible. Shutter, whether its elegant and sophisticated appearance often favored in bright white paint. Effective products for the topic of sun protection can be discovered at, thereby unique lighting conditions can be staged. Further special effects up to the dignified country house style produce transparent machined wood surfaces with visible grains and textures.

Venetian blind and roller blind

The timeless classics Blinds and Blinds have kept their popularity thanks to modern manufacturing methods, manufacturing techniques and material developments.

Preparing for the spring: installation of sunscreen solutions: spring

Venetian blinds are variable in height.

The universally applicable sun protection solutions still realize such a simple and ingenious idea today. Incidence of light is regulated by changes in altitude at the point of origin. Suspension solutions are quick to install. Roller blinds are made of monochrome or textured decors. Especially in rows of windows, they repeatedly generate for individual brightness and appearance due to the different height of the elevator. Installation directly in the context of windows or doors makes their lift independent of the opening state. Double blinds and blinds allow additional fine adjustments with adjustable slats made of sheet metal or wood.

Awning and awning

An awning turns a terrace into a protected extension of the adjoining room. The flexible and mobile applicability shows its advantages especially in a transitional period, such as spring.

Preparing for the spring: installation of sunscreen solutions: sunscreen

Awnings provide protection from the sun and rain.

In sunny hours she shadows the first annual breakfast outdoors. When spring quickly loses its typical weather capriciousness, the retrievable awning responds at lightning speed. Clever developers have also transferred this flexibility to awnings for lateral construction forms. Vertical awning models not only protect against the sun, but also from prying eyes, unwanted scents and disturbing breeze. And for the use further out the awning offers itself. It protects a free space in the middle of the garden or can also give the delicate young plants in the fruit and vegetable bed the cherished shade.

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