Gifts for the topping-out ceremony - what works and what does not work

One of the many traditions at the topping-out ceremony is that the invited guests bring along a little something. Everything that goes as a topping gift and a few nice ideas for it can be found in this post.

Gifts for the topping-out ceremony

Basically, at the topping-out ceremony, all those who are invited but have not helped, need to bring along at least a small present for the client.

The uncertainty is often high here: which gift? what works, what does not work? how expensive should it be?
There are a few - but only very basic rules.

In any case, the gift should be something that has something to do with home or house construction and is a practical help to the future host. These can be garden tools, vouchers, but also tools.

The value of the gift is usually measured by how well you know the builder. The closer the acquaintance or the closer the friendship, the more valuable the gift will usually be.

Smart, not common gift ideas

  • A homemade house number
  • Bricks, peppered with coupons
  • the so-called "witches broom", which is to keep evil from the house, or a horseshoe, nicely packaged

Gifts of money are considered more unimaginative and impersonal

Even if building a house costs a lot of money - gifts of money for the topping out ceremony are not so popular.

If you can not think of anything else that suits you better, at least try to wrap the gift of money reasonably creatively - for example, in the crevices of a brick, or as a money tree with rolled-up bills.

Tips & Tricks

Creative gifts often do not have to be expensive, yet they have great value. Think about what suits the client, his plans, or the current house construction. A bottle of nut brandy for the nerves and the stomach ache? Just take time to think.

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