Booster in the drinking water installation - how it works and where it is needed

Pressure booster systems are often used in the field of domestic water installation. Where they are needed, and for what reason, and how exactly they work, explains in detail this post.

Purpose and structure of pressure boosting systems

Booster systems are used to locally increase the supply pressure within the pipeline network. They are used wherever the resulting supply pressure is too low to ensure a supply of all lines.

Above all, it is difficult to provide as constant a pressure as possible when the removal quantities change. This is only possible with automatically controlled pump systems, often in combination with other devices.

As a rule, two to six pump motors are used, which are integrated in the water circuit with the aid of two gate valves. The control is either circuit technology, in modern systems but mostly computer technology.

The individual pumps work alternately to achieve a uniform wear, but can also be interconnected with higher demand.

Also for extinguishing water pressure booster systems are often needed in addition, so that the extinguishing water pressure remains high enough when extinguishing water is removed. Such a DEA is always used in conjunction with drinking water separation stations.

Supply pressure of the water supplier

Most utilities provide the water in the supply lines with a very high supply pressure to ensure adequate water supply even in higher floors of buildings. For this reason, so-called pressure reducers are needed in most single-family homes. They reduce the high supply pressure to an appropriate line pressure of around 2 -3 bar.

But that is not the case at all locations. Especially in high-rise buildings, the supply pressure of the water supplier is not enough to supply even higher floors. Here the installation of DEAs is required.

They will be located just behind the house connection to generally increase the supply pressure inside the building.

Tips & Tricks

It is important that the connection and installation of a DEA must be checked and approved by the responsible water supply company. Otherwise, installation is not permitted! A semi-annual to annual maintenance (depending on the type of DEA) is mandatory.

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