Price examples for dry screed

If the laying is not carried out by the user - which is easily possible with dry screed - dry screed is generally much more expensive than flow screeds or cement screed. Depending on the system used, the material price for the screed elements is already 15 to 28 euros, in addition to the leveling compound, the adhesive and the joint filler, possibly also a vapor barrier and floor heating also Wärmeleitbleche and Wärmeleitlamellen. So here is the material price so high that, together with the cost of installation, a significantly higher price is achieved than in most liquid screed constructions.

However, the dry construction method can always be displayed where the introduction of additional moisture into a building should be avoided at all costs, for example in buildings that are already subject to moisture. The costs for the installation vary depending on the company and are primarily determined by the respective individual effort.

Costs for self-installation

Simple constructions on level floors, which do not require a leveling compound, can be realized with 20 millimeter thick plasterboard screed panels for around 16 to 18 euros per square meter. The price for joint filler and adhesive is around 5-10 euros per kilogram. For every 50 kg of leveling bulkhead you have to add about 12 to 15 Euro extra. For necessary vapor barriers you have to expect about 2.50 Euro per square meter. Especially with underfloor heating, but also in all other cases worth the price comparison among the complete systems in any case - here dry screed is sometimes consistently low with appropriate structure.

Cost of professional installation

If the screed installation is carried out by a specialist company, the material prices will be roughly the same order of magnitude plus the labor costs. Depending on the circumstances, this can often be very different, so in any case a direct comparison between the individual providers is worthwhile when it comes to the number of working hours and the hourly price. In general, however, the prices for the installation of a dry screed as a whole are not competitive with that of liquid screeds, in general there must be valid grounds for the dry screed to actually justify the higher cost.

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