The price for 50 × 50 sidewalk tiles is cheap

The measure 50 × 50 centimeters for paving slabs enables a fast laying of comfortable way surfaces. Concrete products are reasonably priced and for many offers, the price per square meter remains in the single-digit euro range. The standard size is available almost everywhere.

Properties at 50 × 50 centimeters

In addition to the standard size of 30 × 30 centimeters for paving slabs, the specimens are the most widespread with a half-meter lateral dimension. The mass production ensures partly even with natural stone for moderate prices.

The weight of a walkway plate measuring 50 × 50 centimeters is between twelve and thirty kilograms, depending on its thickness. As a result, the plates are easy to handle when laying and you can lay individuals, which affects especially in terms of additional labor costs.

Depending on the joint width, sidewalk slabs with 50 x 50 centimeter side dimensions can be created visually more as a coherent sealed area. The optical alternative is larger joints that emphasize a vertical or linear laying structure.

  • exposed aggregate concrete
  • Anthracite smooth and rough
  • Gray with or without structure
  • Sandstone imitation or original
  • quartzite
  • Washed grit surfaces

Common laying associations

  • Right-angled to the roadsides
  • Vertical at a 45-degree angle to the roadsides
  • Combined with smaller plates in wild bandage
  • Single steps on grass or beetle

That's how much the paving slabs cost

The majority of concrete products range between ten and twenty euros per square meter. Slight mark-ups are required for plates with an antique finish or bevelled edges. Sandstone, granite and concrete with finely chipped surface cost around 15 euros and can cost up to 30 euros, depending on the type of rock.

How to save

Walkway slabs with dimensions of 50 × 50 cm are also offered as garden path plates, patio slabs, pavement slabs and concrete slabs. It is worthwhile not to consider the invitation to tender and the proposed use as an exclusive criterion and thus, for example, find inexpensive terrace slabs which are ideally suited as paving slabs.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the conditions of the supplier during delivery. Often, a heavy transport vehicle such as a forty ton truck is used and unloading occurs only immediately at the location reached by the transport vehicle.

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