Price for the bottom plate

As a base plate is therefore understood any foundation - the so-called founding - a non-basement house. But since there are also different execution options, the prices are also significantly different. You have to differentiate between the foundation and the strip foundation, but there are also point foundations.

Purpose of the bottom plate

Regardless of the embodiment, a foundation is always used to derive the resulting loads in the soil and thus to maintain the stability of the house. This not only applies to the loads caused by the design, but also, for example, to snow loads.

Basic types of foundations

The foundation of a house can either be designed as a continuous slab foundation, or as a single, closely spaced foundation strips. On frost-prone floors an additional frost apron must be constructed.

Price for the bottom plate: bottom

Price for a continuous foundation plate

With continuous foundation slabs, the prices are very uniform at around 70 euros per square meter of floor space, but in some cases this can rise to around 100 euros - in most cases, however, 70 euros are true. Any necessary frost aprons and any necessary insulation must then be extra calculated in each case.

Cheaper than a cellar

To put this in relation to - in a simple basement you have to expect about three times the price. For a 100 square meter house, the cost of a very simple basement is already around 30,000 euros.

Thermofundamente with built-in underfloor heating

A relatively new development are floor slab elements, which are designed as so-called thermocouples, and also include a floor heating with. The price for such thermal foundations is around 135 - 150 euros per square meter, another advantage is that no screed is needed here.

Price for strip and point foundations

Strip foundations and point foundations are special constructions, even if today they are often used in prefabricated houses. However, the price is higher overall than with continuous foundation plates, as above the foundation strip also a - albeit thin bottom plate - must be introduced. Depending on the construction method, the prices are very different in each individual case, since the amount of used concrete depends above all on it. Based on the concrete consumption, according to the construction plan, it can be expected to cost around 180 euros per cubic meter of concrete, including formwork.

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