The price for box windows

Box windows are no longer often chosen for new buildings, as the price of products that comply with modern regulations for thermal insulation. is very high. If parts or complete old box windows are replaced and modernized, the high manual effort also leads to higher prices than for single-leaf windows.

price factors

While the selection of materials and quality levels is very large in single windows, the question between quality windows and picture windows in box windows is superfluous. The influence of the frame material on the total price is only small, because only wood as a frame comes into question when comparing the price of the material.

The quality of a window consists of several factors:

  • Wood type of window frame
  • Width of the window frame
  • frame profiles
  • closing mechanism
  • glazing
  • Frame Soffit composite
  • Size of the window
  • Thickness of the window glass
  • Type of window glass

Guide values ​​for new and old box windows

As a general guideline, new box windows with a sufficient U-value according to the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) can be expected to have a basic price of one thousand euros per square meter of window area.

The price for the repair of an old box window depends heavily on the condition. When renovating a box window, the effort can vary greatly. In almost all cases, the window sash of the inner window must be replaced.

The new window sashes are custom-made and, depending on size and glazing, are available from € 500 per sash. Depending on the condition and condition of box windows in old buildings or in half-timbered houses, the price can quickly rise to up to 1500 euros.

types of glazing

At least when renovating an old box window, the inner casement must be renewed. The prices depend on the chosen glazing:

  • Thermo windows
  • insulated windows
  • glazed windows
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing

The glazings are also available in mixed forms or meet several criteria at once. Thermopen windows are simultaneously double or triple glazing.

A common difficulty with old box windows is the nature and strength of the existing outer frame on the inner window side. Not in all cases, new heavy double-glazed casements can be hung. The cost of rebuilding the frame can increase up to the cost of a complete window replacement.

Tips & Tricks

If you choose or refurbish box windows, funding from KfW is often possible.


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