Price for a concrete pump

Concrete for most construction projects can no longer be produced on construction sites. The ready-mixed concrete, which is then delivered, in many cases must be introduced with a concrete pump. The price for the use of a concrete pump depends on many factors, which we describe below for you.

Concrete has long been a high-tech composite construction material

Concrete is no longer just a shovel of cement on a few blades of aggregate and mixing water to feel. The mixing ratio of concrete decisively determines the quality and properties of the concrete. Depending on the concrete recipe, only a maximum of three percent deviation is permitted.

Only ready-mixed concrete can guarantee a high quality

Therefore, high-quality concrete is produced exclusively in concrete mixing plants. The use of such a mixing plant on site is worthwhile only on large construction sites. Therefore, the concrete is usually produced in regional mixing plants and then delivered as ready-mixed concrete using a concrete mixer.

Concrete pumps for conveying concrete

These are equipped with chutes that reach a maximum length of six meters. Thus, the processing options are limited and in addition a truck-mounted concrete pump, so a mobile pump used. Now there are also differences in the function of a concrete pump. As a result, a distinction must be made between two types of pumps:

  • Piston concrete pumps
  • Rotor-mounted concrete pumps

Factors that influence the pump choice

The differences in pumping concrete are also reflected in the prices of a concrete pump. Therefore you should always choose a concrete pump according to your requirements. Key aspects include:

  • required pump pressure
  • whether the concrete can be brought in quickly (large floor areas, for example)
  • Space on the construction site

The space on the construction site

The space is crucial, since piston pumps are preferably used in truck mixer concrete pumps, so a vehicle with a space-saving combination of truck mixer and truck-mounted concrete pump. For truck-mounted pumps with a rotor pump, on the other hand, an additional truck mixer is required.

Flow rates of concrete pumps

For piston pumps up to 200 m³ / h can be introduced, with rotor pumps only 60 m³ / h. In addition, hardly any residual concrete remains in the mixer for rotor concrete pumps. This could well be an argument against a piston pump, since the disposal of the residual concrete is also added to the prices for a concrete pump, if this can not be disposed of on site.

Length of the pump boom

Another important cost factor is the concrete distributor boom. Depending on the pump length or pumping height and pumping depth, truck-mounted concrete pumps with different lengths of boom can be selected. The longer such a concrete boom is now, the more expensive the price for the use of the concrete pump.

Also crucial is the required amount of concrete, which is pumped by the pump. Up to a concrete quantity of between 20 and 30 m³, much higher cubic prices are often incurred than with concrete quantities above.

These factors make up the cost of a concrete pump

Here are the key criteria that significantly influence the price of a concrete pump:

  • required concrete flow
  • Boom length of the concrete distributor boom
  • when falling below certain hourly rates usually billing after an hourly allowance
  • Extend the spout
  • repeated implementation on the construction site
  • Packages for elbows, reducers and pipe extensions
  • Surcharges for certain special concretes such as cellular concrete, concrete with extreme or particularly hard aggregate, fiber concrete such as steel fiber concrete etc.

Compare offers and negotiate conditions

The price of a concrete pump depends on many different factors. Therefore, it is advisable to compare the terms and conditions and price lists of different providers to save costs. If necessary, you can also special conditions with the supplier of concrete pumps and thus achieve a better price.

Tips & Tricks

Companies that offer concrete pumps for hire usually also have appropriate tools and machines for compacting concrete.

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