The price for a concrete staircase

Again and again, renovators and builders are faced with the question of what kind of staircase it should be now. The price is a decisive decision criterion here. This allows the price for concrete stairs to be calculated quickly and easily. In this article, we show you what a concrete staircase can cost, with the prices quoted as a guide.

Basis of calculation for the concrete staircase

So that the construction prices across Europe can be compared, a base price for each performance had to be set, including for concrete stairs. Here, a distinction must first be made between two different versions:

  • prefabricated stair
  • Concrete stairs made of cast-in-situ concrete (cast on-site)

Basic price multiplied by index is price by country

Based on this base price, which is used as the basis for each group, a price index is now required, the so-called construction index numbers. These numbers are calculated and published each year for the previous year. The index numbers for 2016 will be published in mid-2017, from 2017 in mid-2018, etc. Even though prices are subject to fluctuations from year to year, you can still see that you can use prices from 2015 to 2017, for example. From 2016 to 2018 and from 2017 to 2019.

The prices themselves include all relevant costs:

  • labour costs
  • material costs
  • Start-up costs (for finished parts)
  • Cost of lifting with the crane (finished parts)
  • Cost of assembly (finished parts)

However, we would like to point out once again that the prices can only be average guideline values. Of course, the costs for reinforcements, for example made of steel, are also included. But now steel prices are subject to enormous fluctuations. But as an approximate price that should be estimated, these values ​​are sufficient - even construction companies use these numbers.

We take finished stairs

In the case of the prefabricated stairs, however, numerous other factors are included in the price. For example, many prefabricated stairs must be made to order, to which different concrete plants also offer different price models. For prefabricated concrete stairs, we therefore recommend obtaining current prices for concrete plants in your region. Almost every manufacturer publishes a price list on the internet.

Calculations on the price of concrete stairs made of in-situ concrete

However, if a concrete staircase is to be installed on site using in-situ concrete, you can use the following figures as a guide:

  • Concrete in C 30/37 for stairs and landing: 193 EUR per cubic meter
  • Concrete in C 25/30 for stairs and platform: 184 EUR per cubic meter
  • Concrete in C 20/25 for stairs and platform: 178 EUR per cubic meter
  • Formwork for spiral staircases and platforms: EUR 195 per square meter
  • Formwork for straight and angled concrete stairs and platforms: EUR 109 per square meter
  • Reinforcements bars: 2 EUR per kg
  • Reinforcements Baumatten: 1,50 EUR kg
  • Concrete in C 20/25 for step cores: 7.50 EUR per running meter
  • Concrete in C 16/20 for step cores: 7 EUR per running meter
  • Formwork for concrete cores: 97 EUR per square meter
  • Reinforcement bars: 2,40 EUR per kg
  • Reinforcement Baumatte: 1,80 EUR per kg
  • finely ground steps and cheeks: 9 EUR per square meter

Source for the prices: // The exact composition of the prices is described here.

Determine the German index value

Now you have to use these base values ​​to determine the German price. The corresponding table of the European Union, which is available in Eurostat, serves as reference: Concrete staircase Price index Eurostat.

Index value can be used for two years each

For 2013, this figure for Germany was 102.3. This value is now reduced to 1.023 and charged to the respective base price. A concrete staircase made of in-situ concrete C 25/30 would therefore be 184 times 1.023 equals 188 euros per cubic meter.

Further costs for the concrete staircase

However, do not forget that so far it is only about the "raw steps". Depending on the desired execution, the following costs are added:

  • Steps (eg concrete staircase with wooden steps), concrete staircase covered or veneered or concrete staircase painted)
  • Plaster (side and bottom concrete run)
  • banister
  • Statements railings

Tips & Tricks

Of course, like in the house journal, there are other articles that you can use to calculate a concrete staircase.

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