The price for copying keys: indicative cost

In most cases, a tenant receives two keys for his house and apartment door, but that is not enough in many cases. Especially if you want to deposit a spare key with friends, it will be tight. What do new keys cost?

You should be aware of this, if you want to duplicate keys!

Locksmiths are now firmly established in every city, often offering their services in shopping malls. There are hardly any differences in quality, since these are machine-made products: you can simply contact the nearest service provider.

As a tenant you should first ask your landlord if you can copy a key. Normally, you pay the costs, unless the landlord is accommodating. In any case, you must hand in the new key when you move out.

If you live in a house with modern locks and have associated security keys, then copying keys is a bit more difficult. Contact your landlord or the responsible caretaker for a security note.

Sometimes the landlord does not hand out a security certificate, but he commissions the new key himself. This may take a few days.

Copying keys: the customary costs

Usually the price for copying a key is under 15 EUR, in some small towns you can get your new key for 7 EUR.

The prices for security keys are higher, you can expect up to 30 EUR. It is particularly expensive if you have lost a key that belongs to the locking system of a large rental building or even a safety-critical company.

In the case of safety-critical systems, the copying of keys is usually prohibited, the replacement of the entire locking system is pending. There are costs of several thousand euros: Special liability insurance covers such damages.

A cost example for duplicating keys

A tenant wants to have new keys made for his apartment door and for two room doors. He calls shortly before his landlord, who agrees.

Cost overviewprice
1. Imitate the key for the front door9,50 EUR
2. 2 new room keys14 EUR
total23,50 EUR

How to find the nearest locksmith

Do not you know where in your area is a locksmith who makes duplicates of your key? Take a look at the Yellow Pages, which are also available on the Internet.

Tips & Tricks

Are you the owner of the locking system? In this case, ask the manufacturer of the system for a new key.

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