The price of an electric garage door

The electric drive unit for a garage door is usually attached to swinging and sectional doors on the garage ceiling. For roller shutters tubular motors are mounted in the roller shutter box. Cheap electric garage doors are operated with a key lock, high-quality versions have a radio remote control.

Engine power and garage door weight

A key price criterion for the electric garage door is the engine performance. For gates made of aluminum or single-walled steel sheets weighing up to fifty kilograms, the smallest motors are sufficient. The cheapest electric drive units start at around three hundred euros.

As a guideline, the price can be calculated with a respective increase of around one hundred euros per fifty kilograms of higher tractive effort. The design of the drive can reduce the required engine power. When driving over a toothed belt less mechanical transmission power is lost than with a drive chain.

In the package or buy separately

If the electric drive is included in the total cost of a new garage door, such as finished packages, it is usually cheaper than the separate purchase. In this case, it is important to carefully check the scope of warranty, since the electric garage door drive is often excluded from the regulations for the remaining construction parts.

The price differences for complete garage door sets with or without electric drive are between one-fourth and one-third lower than for a separate purchase. Except for roller garage doors, however, almost exclusively drive units for ceiling mounting are offered.


Several features can have a big impact on the price of the electric garage door. Drive units that can be attached laterally are significantly more expensive than centered to be mounted due to complex power transmission mechanisms.

Remote controls increase the price of an electric garage door by twenty to forty percent, with the power of the remote control, the number of control units, and code and security systems being crucial. Automatic photocells are another feature that can lead to price surcharges.

For models that work independently of a power source, you need to charge fifty to one hundred euros extra. Battery operation with externally rechargeable batteries or solar energy generation are possible options. In each case important are seals of approval from TÜV or the GS seal for tested safety.

That's how much an electric garage door drive costs
Illuminated and with remote control controlled drive, soft start and soft stop function, bi 75 kg traction375EUR
Solar garage door operator with two roof modules, two remote controls, low voltage, three watt consumption, up to fifty kilograms draw weight559EUR
Toothed belt-driven garage drive with two carriages for swinging and sectional doors, up to 130 kg traction, two hand-held transmitters370EUR
Remote control drive with two codable hand transmitters, up to 40 kilograms traction, mains current, maintenance-free235EUR

Tips & Tricks

The performance or strength of the engine is given by most manufacturers in Newton. As a rough conversion value, you can divide the Newton value by ten and get the possible tensile load in kilograms.

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